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"Adidas New Outfitter of George Mason Athletics" by Josh Holman

George Mason University has selected Adidas to outfit all of Mason’s athletic teams starting next season. Mason was looking for a three year deal with an option that can extend the length up to five years, but the final terms of the deal have not been released. Prior to the announcement, each team had their choice of […]

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meh, not too excited about this, but I hope they take more of an effort with our unis than Nike did. I would love a classic throwback look with some "stitched" on stars on the side, maybe utilize the classic george mason logo. I know this will never happen though...maybe something like the lastest NBA all star game shorts but in green and gold.



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Adidas is ok, pretty solid material quality. Their design shop is ok, would like to see more of their design shop for basketball and other sports. Also just glad it is not Reebok.

Under Armour's quality is awful on a lot of the non-dry fit clothes. Their trademark "U" on their clothes have simply washed off after 6-9 months on some of my workout gear. I've also had some threads unwind on some shirts. Their baseball socks lasted me like 2 years until the toes and heels wore out after wearing them for Spring and Fall softball seasons. I bought Nike ones after and they have lasted me over 3 years with no problems. They have cool designs for the most part but their quality of material sucks! Time for them to switch sweat shops in Taiwan.


What other schools use Adidas? I'm sure they have a basic template for basketball jerseys and will just slap our colors on it.


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" n gold when its time to get ill.."

Someone should make a GMU bball/RUN DMC video.


keep it simple and they'll look fine.


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