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Alright, here is your G Mas. Haha. Gold-out alternate home jersey


Eh, not a bad deal really. I hated how Nike just gives generic templates to all their teams. ODU recently switched to UA. Excited to see what adidas and UA come up with for us.

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I bet our golf team is happy since now they'll get Taylor Made equipment. Better than being forced to use Nike clubs, IMO. Full disclosure, I have Callaways, but acknowledge Taylor Made has really good stuff.


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I think most of us on here are middle age and generally prefer traditional jerseys. But the kids nowadays like anything but. I made a neon jersey as a joke, but the more I think about it the more it could work for the kids. The easiest comparison is when I was in high school I hated short shorts and polyester jerseys. But the middle age "adult" coaches insisted on getting us that stuff. Just like I hated what middle aged people wanted when I was 17, kids now probably hate what we like. If going with an ugly uniform (translation Kansas, Louisville) gets us better recruits then so be it.

With that said, I still wouldn't mind stealing the UCLA or Indiana design.

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I am not a fan of some of the Adidas templates, but kudos to our AD for getting a deal done. This was long overdue and something I've been hating on for years. If Edwards keeps this up, I'm not going to have much else off-the-court/field to complain about. Now lets move the Platoon next to the band....