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Corey Edwards

Discussion in 'George Mason Basketball' started by Pablo, Jan 1, 2015.

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    From the Hoyasaxa website

    David Edwards, Jr. (1971-2020)
    David Edwards, a Georgetown guard during the 1989-90 season, died Monday afternoon from complications of COVID-19 coronavirus.
    The son of Dave Edwards, a three time captain at Virginia Commonwealth from 1971-74, the younger Edwards was a star at Andrew Jackson HS in New York, averaging 41 points per game and displaying the street-smart moves of guards common in the Rucker Park League, but wholly unfamiliar at Georgetown, where the guards of the 1980's were built around discipline, defense, and feeding the big men inside.

    The 5-10 Edwards burst on the Georgetown scene as a freshman guard, predating the ball handling of Kenny Brunner by nearly a decade. In his debut game, Edwards scored just two points but collected 14 assists, third most in school history at the time. By the time of Big East play, Edwards was averaging nearly eight assists per game, but his improvisation on the court was not well received on the bench and his playing time narrowed as a result.

    "The kid is a jewel to coach," John Thompson told the Washington Post in 1990. "One of the things that I told him in front of all the kids on the team is that one of the things I love about him is he has tough skin. He's not a pouter. And that's a great luxury for a coach because 90 percent of the things you say to a kid you don't mean personally, but you say them very harshly. David is the kind of person that you can jump all over and don't have to come back and reassure and pump back up."

    Edwards played in all 31 games, averaging 5.4 points per game and finishing second on the team in assists. He reached a career high of 19 points in the NCAA tournament loss to Xavier, but did not get along with Thompson's coaching style and was already looking for an exit. Edwards played three seasons at Texas A&M from 1991-94, averaging 13.5 points per game and earning all-Southwest Conference honors in each of his three seasons.

    Following basketball, Edwards returned to New York. His son Corey Edwards played at George Mason from 2011-15.
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