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I was at Mason when the old farts whined about the video board being too bright on Braddock. If I end up yelling at cloud, I hope the kids put me in the curmudgeon village.



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I saw the zoom meeting and in the master plan they said they would build a rec center where the old student apartments were. The presentation focused a lot on trying make campus less commuterish and more lively, they also said they were gonna knock down the 4 original buildings so that it would create like a quad or lawn
Does anyone else find it ironic that you are knocking down 4 buildings to build a quad?


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Does anyone else find it ironic that you are knocking down 4 buildings to build a quad?
Also I saw on one of the master plans that they want to tear down David King hall and build a new one that is more aligned with the newer part of Planetary and tear down the old front part of Planetary to make that green space wider


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So looks like the RAC addition is still in the works. Surprised it is still in the “must be approved” stage since it was announced years ago.

Not 100% sure if this just hasn't been removed from the project list or what the plan is. If I recall I think there was evaluation going on in regards to whether to add onto EBA or do the RAC addition. I think the master plan was supposed to help decide.

I haven't spoken to anyone in a while on the topic but if I do, I'll definitely bring it up.

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