Game 31: GMU (19-11 / 8-9) vs Richmond (23-7 / 15-2) on Saturday, March 9, at 2:30 PM.


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He has definitely picked it up and become the player Tony said he was. I've been skeptical/disappointed in him all season, but after the last couple of games, I see I was wrong. He now is playing on a team with ball movement on O, and grit on D.
Maddox like most players is so much better when he stays aggressive. I think he feels a sense of pressure to be the man without Hall on the floor.


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Yes but not part of the NET calculation. So if you see our record on the NET sites it’ll show up as 19-11.
This is what I was confusing. I knew it didn’t count for NET, and wasn’t sure if that transferred to actual W/L since it was an exhibition.


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KH was at the autograph table. I was going to try to ask him if he was playing in the A-10 tourney but he was mostly just trying to talk to kids so I just gave him a fist bump instead. He was super nice to my friend's son though and asked him a bunch of questions. I thanked Malik and Ronny for their four years.

Great effort by the team today! Loved the coaches coming onto the floor during timeouts hyping the crowd up after that stretch of incredible defense/Patriot Pressure! Hope we can carry that energy into the tourney.