Game 16: GMU (13-2 / 2-0) vs vcu (8-7 / 0-2) on Tuesday, January 9, at 7:00 PM.


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We’re 7 - 19 (.269) against the rams since joining the A10 and 22-46 (.324) overall.

We haven’t beaten them at home since 2016.

This is a big game in my eyes. Win this one and I’ll feel like we’ve turned another corner under the leadership of Coach Skinn. We’ve won games at neutral sites and on the road already this season, something we’ve struggled with in the past. Beating the rams will be one more step in the right direction.

The game is on ESPN+ and MASN.

Gives us a 67% chance of winning.
GMU - 88
vcu - 110
Mason - 64
vcu - 103

vcu is currently 8-7 on the season and 0-2 in A10 play. They are 7-5 at home, 0-0 on the road, and 1-2 at neutral sites. That’s right, zero road games for the rams to date.

Wins: Samford (75-65), Radford (73-50), Seattle (60-56), Penn St. (86-74), Alcorn St. (86-58), Temple (87-78), Maryland-Eastern Shore (75-51), Garner-Webb (87-73)
Losses: McNeese St. (76-65), Iowa St. (68-64), Boise St. (65-61), Norfolk St. (63-60), Memphis (85-80), St. Bonaventure (89-78), GW (84-82)


vcu is led by 6'8" Sean Bairstow (12.8 ppg & 4.0 reb), 6'5" Max Shulga (15.5 ppg), 6'4" Joe Bamisile (13.6 ppg), and 6'5" Zeb Jackson (13.4 ppg & 4.6 reb). Contributions off the bench come from 6'8" Toibu Lawal (8.3 ppg & 6.0 reb), 5'10" Jason Nelson (7.2 ppg), 6'7" Alphonzo Billups III (6.3 ppg), 6'10" Christian Fermin (6.5 ppg), 6'9" Kuany Kuany (5.3 ppg) and 6'7" Michael Belle (4.5 ppg).

vcu averages 74.6 (13th in the A10) points per game while giving up 69.0 (8th in the A10). The Rams shoot 45.8% from the floor and 34.4% from 3. Opponents are shooting 41.1% from the field and 32.7% from 3. The Rams shoot 77.8% from the free throw line. vcu has out rebounded their opponents by 4.2 boards per game. They turn opponents over to the tune of 10.8 per game while turning the ball over 13.0 times per game themselves.

My prediction: They have some good wins and some bad losses thus far. They clearly are not the pressing version of their former selves that caused us problem in the past.

Will our fans show up or will this seem like a home game for vcu? If it looks and sounds like a road game we lose. If our fans show up and get loud our guys respond in kind and we’ll win, it’s that simple. Get out to the game! No excuses please! If season ticket holders around me sell out once again I’ll lose my freaking mind. I can’t handle another night of being surrounded by the noxious smells emanating from ram fans. The combined odors of cigarettes, crystal meth, BO, stale fry oil, and week old yeast infections will be too much to take.

GMU 74 - vcu 69



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Crossroads game for me too.

So far vcu looks more average but have just gotten Bamisile the last few games. They don’t play the havoc style that was trademark under the Shaka tree for years but still are very talented. They recruit athletic lengthy guys.

That said, they don’t have that shooter who is lights out. Billups has shown glimpses but he’s a frosh. Bamisile can shoot, but he’s not lights out to my observation and knowledge.

If Mason is going to show they are legit and have a chance at taking the league by storm, we gotta win this one. I know our guys will be ready. Same deal as always, gotta defend rebound and shoot. No stupid turnovers and don’t dribble into the corner and look confused. We need our A game from everyone.

I also expect a nice sized crowd since our pals in the vcu fanbase will be showing up assuming they can get time off from making French fries.

I can’t wait until Tuesday. Go mason.


Based on the how the schedule fell together------

1A- Where would we be thru OOC---- WHOA NELLY. (Would like to get that Charlotte game back)
1B--The LaSalle/SL games? Took care of business. No flukes, no squeakers.
1C- How do we fare against vcu early? (never ignore a hated rival game no matter good either team is)-- TBD.

Those were my barometers to understand where the program was.

Magic is happening.......
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Staying on the bandwagon. I am so looking forward to a game against vcu where we have the better athletes and more aggressive team. This is the year. This is the best team we've had since Larranaga was here. This is finally the year when I don't have to listen to vcu fans chanting "defense" louder than any Mason chants.

"Cut loose the hounds Tony", run those bastards out of the gym.

Us - 78
hamburger U - 70


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Share this with every Mason and vcu fan!!!

Share this with every Mason and vcu fan!!!

Let's go
Best home game in all my years as a season ticket holder! At least with respect to the last 5 minutes! When Sherrod hit that buzzer beater, the place just EXPLODED. And stayed that way for another 10 minutes after the game was over.

Meanwhile, I have mixed emotions about vcu coming in Tuesday after 2 home losses...when is the last time that has happened? While I welcome an off-year for the Rams, it makes me nervous to actually be a 5 pt favorite against them when they badly need a win.