Game 1: GMU (0-0) vs Monmouth (0-0) on Monday, November 6, at 7:00 PM.


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Based on how we played both teams, I’m not shocked. Xander Rice is a stupid scorer. If he hadn’t gotten off to such a terrible start against us who knows how that game turns out?
How much credit goes to our defense for limiting BOTH Rice ( Monmouth) and Sharpe (AP)? Although they each were the high scorers for those respective games, they did it on volume. Combined they were under 40% against us (12-33), while last year they were 49% and 46% on 2 pt. shots.

Our defensive 2 pt fg % is now 9th (!) in Div 1 according to Kenpom at 33.8%. And our overall Adj Def efficiency is essentially tied with Dayton for best in the A10. (Unfortunately, our Adjusted Offense efficiency is second-worst in the A10 and 214 in Div 1!).

I know it's early and all this is based on small sample size, but our defense may be worth getting excited about.