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A little worried that Konkol hasn’t made an NCAA tournament at La Tech.

Give me English, Skinn, or Knight (from Rutgers) as up and coming assistant coaches.

Caputo would be interesting and was the choice for a lot of fans after L left.

A10 retreads of interest: Martelli (if we really want to juice up a St. Joes rivalry, this is the pick right here) and Miller.
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Give me English Skinn or Knight if we go the young BCS up and comer route. Christian Webster is good too. Gotta be able to RECRUIT but also X and O. Not only do you have to have talent but you gotta be able to coach them up. It doens't come easy in a league like the A10.

If we want to go the grand slam route go Prohm or Archie Miller.

Martelli would be a solid double, but I'd prefer someone a bit younger
This is a massive hire for Brad. He has to park this one or the next one out the door will be him.

That makes it more likely than not we’re not getting a first-time HC. If Pat Kelsey would take the job, he’d be a grand slam.

Kelsey turned down UMASS.
Ryan Odom #1 for me. Chris Caputo #2

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