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Took 2 of 3 from Canisius over the weekend, plays at James Madison today and has a 3 game home stand against GW this weekend.

16-20-1 over all, 5-7 in conference.


After playing at Westfield, Bour followed his parents’ and brother’s lead and headed to George Mason, where he accumulated 46 career home runs, 187 RBI, a .621 career slugging percentage and a .347 batting average. The 6-4, 250-pound slugger sat in front of his locker in the visitor’s clubhouse at Nationals Park typing on a phone shod with a green and yellow George Mason Patriots cover. He played three seasons there, and was drafted by the Cubs in the 25th round of the 2009 draft, then drafted by the Marlins in the 2013 Rule 5 draft.
“I’m proud of where I went to school,” Bour said. “I was blessed to be able to play as a freshman and develop my game. I have a lot of pride in that school, and am very happy with what they were able to do for my career.”


Have you guys seen the bracket for the A10 baseball tourney? Is this the same as last year?
Top 7 make the tournament (why not 8?) We are tied with vcu at #7 now. We play UMass, they play St Bona. Need a sweep and help to make the tournament, I think...I assume tie breaker is overall record.

Bracket is really odd. The 4 and 5 seed could play each other in the 1st round and 1st round of loser bracket with the winner of the first game having to play the #1 seed and the loser getting a game off. Just seems like an odd bracket


If the tournament goes by chalk (higher seed wins each game) then #2 seed would play the #2 seed in game 11...what????


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Is this the same as last year?
Top 7 make the tournament (why not 8?)
Last year it was the top 6 in a league with 12 teams. Now, with Davidson, they added a 7th team. I'm sure that made a mess of the previous double-elimination bracket.


To put a nice little bow on the 2016 baseball season for G Mas; 19-35 overall and 7-17 in the A-10. Also, obviously, they did not qualify for the conference tournament.