2023-24 Schedule

Jack Strop

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We all do wish the excuses would end. For years we couldn’t have a big screen because of the EBA roof but somehow magically they figured it out. I truly don’t get a lot of things either.

If someone wanted Homecoming in the Fall, they’d make it in the Fall. But that person has to be someone who can make that decision. 20 of us on a message board don’t have that power lol. Marvin would have to influence the idea and help make that call. I suspect changing Homecoming isn’t top of mind, but perhaps at some point someone can throw the idea to him.
F Homecoming in November. Let's have a Founder's Day or Mason Day party to open the season. Does Mason even do Founder's/Mason Day anymore? Let's bring it back and keep HC in February. Two parties are better than one!


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Is this the thread we are going to be using to follow our opponents and their scores this season?

Duquesne 90 Charleston 72
St. Joseph's 69 Pennsylvania 61
Davidson 64 Maryland 61
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Dayton loses at Northwestern, 71-65. With Malachi Smith out for the year, Dayton already in a 7 man rotation.

A10 currently at 20-3


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A 10 now 29-7 record for NET. LUC only team under 500. They have done nothing for the league since coming in!