2021 A10 Transfer List


Doesn't look like he got much PT at VT. I know they were good this year.

He was stuck behind 3-4 Guards on VT that were just more mature than him but kid can play, was hoping we could snatch him up since I think he wanted to play in VA.

Jalen Cone is another Guard transferring from VT that can shoot. Not sure if we are on him or not.


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"So where does Georgetown turn to for help? It’s already reached out to the following centers that are currently in the transfer portal:

  • Tre Mitchell, UMass
  • Cam Martin, Missouri Southern
  • AJ Wilson, George Mason
  • John Harrar, Penn State
Of that group, Mitchell and Wilson would be the most impactful if they came to Georgetown.

Wilson, who is familiar with Georgetown, having played in Kenner League before (where he was named MVP two summers ago), is an elite shot-blocker and dunker, but is not the traditional center that Ewing has brought in in the past.

At 6-foot-7, 230 pounds, Wilson would be a smallball center who is essentially a better Josh LeBlanc for Georgetown. He could play center for the Hoyas, but it would require a shift in roster makeup for Ewing’s team. With next year’s team already looking to be a fast-paced, versatile squad, Wilson would add even more athleticism and explosive play to the team, and is a good fit, if Ewing wants to make that switch.

The 6-foot-9 Mitchell, on the other hand, is less explosive than Wilson but a more skilled offensive player overall. He would be a massive offensive upgrade over Wahab, with his ability to play in the post and also stretch out to the three-point line and knock down some threes. Mitchell averaged 18.8 points per game for UMass this season, and shot 37.5% from three."


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Love seeing that 4 star!
Still don't understand how Copes earned his.

Copes always struck me as the kind of player for whom basketball came super easy in high school and then when he got to D1 and it became more work he fell short. This is all speculation from a guy for whom music came easy in high school and then when I got to college and I actually had to work I decided I didn't want to do that anymore.


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Copes was physically larger than pretty much everyone else in High School and would bulldoze his way into the paint very easily. Just didn't translate at D1.

Same thing happened with Jarred Reuter and Julian Royal... I believe another poster made a comment a few years back that scouts will on occasion generously overrate/over grade a player based on just pure athleticism, height, or the fact that the recruit plays in a well respected AAU team.

GMU just hasn't been getting the results expected whenever we get these 4 star transfers. And yet it worked well with some of the other A10 schools

Hopefully that changes under Coach English.


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Carter Collins, 6-3, 190, G, Sr., Davidson (10.9 ppg) - Murray State
David Czerapowicz, 6-3, 190, G, RS Soph., Davidson (0.0 ppg – 2 games)
Kellan Grady, 6-5, 205, G, Sr., Davidson (17.1 ppg) - Kentucky
Bates Jones, 6-8, 225, F, Sr., Davidson (2.6 ppg)
Rodney Chatman, 6-1, 180, PG, RS Sr., Dayton (7.9 ppg)
Luke Frazier, 6-5, 170, G, Fr., Dayton
Sincere Carry, 6-1, 185, G, Jr., Duquesne (9.0 ppg, 4.8 rpg – 5 games) – KENT STATE
Lamar Norman Jr., 6-3, 180, G, Jr., Duquesne (5.0 ppg – 4 games) – WESTERN MICHIGAN

Marcus Weathers, 6-5, 215, G, Sr., Duquesne (15.3 ppg)
Mason Williams, 6-4, 190, G, Jr., Fordham
Ian Boyd, 6-4, 230, G, Sr., George Mason (5.2 ppg: 2018)
Greg Calixte, 6-8, 235, F, Grad, George Mason (1.7 ppg) – BRYANT
Javon Greene, 6-2, 190, G, Sr., George Mason (11.5 ppg)
Bahaide Haidara, 6-6, 200, G, Soph., George Mason (2.4 ppg) - St. Francis Brooklyn
Tyler Kokek, 6-3, 185, G, Fr., George Mason (10.8 ppg)
Jordan Miller, 6-6, 200, G, Jr., George Mason (15.8 ppg)
Josh Oduro, 6-9, 230, F, Soph., George Mason (10.0 ppg, 6.0 rpg)
A.J. Wilson, 6-7, 230, F, Sr., George Mason (7.8 ppg)
Lincoln Ball, 6-6, 215, G, Fr., George Washington (1.1 ppg) - American
Jamison Battle, 6-7, 225, F, Soph., George Washington (17.3 ppg)
Maceo David Jack, 6-5, 210, G, Sr., George Washington (6.9 ppg – 7 games) – BUFFALO

Javier Gonzalez de Langarica, 6-9, 230, F, Jr., George Washington
Jameer Nelson Jr., 6-1, 190, G, Soph., George Washington (10.4 ppg: 2019) – DELAWARE
Chase Paar, 6-9, 220, F, Soph., George Washington (5.3 ppg)
Sloan Seymour, 6-9, 220, F, Jr., George Washington (4.3 ppg) - New Hampshire
Ace Stallings, 6-10, 230, C, Sr., George Washington (0.3 ppg – 4 games)
David Beatty, 6-2, 200, G, Sr., La Salle (8.8 ppg)
Jared Kimbrough, 6-8, 220, F, Jr., La Salle (5.9 ppg) - Hartford
Brandon Stone, 6-11, 205, F, Soph., La Salle (1.3 ppg – 4 games) – ROBERT MORRIS
Ayinde Hikim, 5-11, 165, G, Soph., La Salle (4.0 ppg) – UMASS LOWELL
Scott Spencer, 6-6, 205, G, Sr., La Salle (7.0 ppg) - Tulane
Fatts Russell, 5-10, 165, G, Sr., Rhode Island (14.7 ppg, 4.5 apg)
Andre Weir, 6-10, 260, PF, Fr., Richmond (Didn’t play) – FGCU
Quintin Metcalf, 6-8, 200, F, Fr., St. Bonaventure (Didn’t play)
Anthony Roberts, 6-4, 190, G, Jr., St. Bonaventure (12.7 ppg: 2019)
Jalen Shaw, 6-10, 250, F, Jr., St. Bonaventure (1.4 ppg)
Jermaine Taggart II, 6-3, 160, G, Fr., St. Bonaventure
Alejandro Vasquez, 6-3, 200, G, Soph., St. Bonaventure (4.4 ppg)
Justin Winston, 6-8, 225, G, Soph., St. Bonaventure (3.0 ppg – 2 games) – ROBERT MORRIS

Myles Douglas, 6-7, 210, G, RS Jr., Saint Joseph’s (3.6 ppg)
John Buggs, 6-2, 185, G, Soph., UMass (0.5 ppg: 2019) – HILL COLLEGE
Carl Pierre, 6-4, 190, G, Sr., UMass (12.7 ppg) - Rice
Tre Mitchell, 6-9, 240, F, Soph., UMass (18.8 ppg, 7.2 rpg)
Jimmy Clark, 6-3, 175, G, Soph., VCU (5.9 ppg) – TALLAHASSEE CC

Brendan Medley-Bacon, 7-1, 245, C, Jr., VCU (0.5 ppg)
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Yes there is a new sheriff!



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Former Pittsburgh F Abdoul Karim Coulibaly is transferring to St. Bonaventure. http://verbalcommits.com/players/abdoul-karim-coulibaly-pa…

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Andrew Slater

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6’8” sophomore Karim Coulibaly, who started 20 games for Pitt, will transfer to St. Bonaventure over Georgetown, Arizona St, Wichita St, Butler, VCU, GW, Marshall & Bradley. The defensive standout from Mali averaged 5.2 points & 3.9 rebounds. #Bonnies @brandondorf5


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