What are you watching now that sports are canceled?


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My favorite theory is that she was a hooker. She met her first husband while she walked a seedy street in Florida and got in a car with a stranger..

A stranger that let her hold a gun too while she got driven around. She was like 17 too. LOL.

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The most disturbing part for me (and there is a lot to choose from) is her first husband getting married at 17 to a 14 year old and both sets of moms signing the paperwork to make it happen. WTF?!?!?


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Kind of a side note to this discussion but if you are able to, highly encourage you to go get brions takeout or takeout from any of the restaurants that support the program, those guys are hurting and I can tell you if I’m a business owner support to the MBB would be the first thing I’d cut if my business was taking a huge hit.
I have made about 8-12 good purchases in my life, one, a $700 polar bear suit, another being seasons one and two of Cobra Kai on DVD for $19.99. Came with a reversible headband with one side CK and the other Miyagi Do.

Every other show is pretty much horseshit and I will fight any three of you that disagree.


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I just finished The King of Con. It was pretty interesting. Its a true story of a guy guy who made and lost billions, stumped the FBI, and eluded the Mob.

Other interesting books I've read/listened to recently.

Walden on Wheel- Ken Illgunas
The President is Missing- James Patterson
First Conspiracy- Brad Meltzer
Quarterback- John Feinstein
Scores- Blutrich
Into the Abyss- Carol Shaben

That is a solid list of books. I might pick up Quarterback and Into the Abyss if they are on Apple Books


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Now I'm watching a six foot guard from Richmond "declare for the NBA draft." Pretty amusing comedy...

The new rules letting people "declare" and then back out makes every offseason kind of an interesting look into the ego of some of these college players.

But, hey, never say never, Shane Larkin was drafted (mid-first round even).

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I'm too lazy and tired to find it, but somewhere on the interwebs there is a Sopranos director, producer, show runner, etc "family tree", of which Breaking Bad is a part of. We really are living in the golden age of tv.


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