What are you watching now that sports are canceled?

I've never actually seen or read any Charlie Brown stuff. I did want the Snoopy Sno Cone machine for a few Christmases as a child.

Your parents must have hated you to not give it to you it cost like 12 dollars

The best part of it was you would put ice cubes in and get a snow cone out. snow cone fun was what it's all about


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Anyone have any good book recommendations? I’ve been putting a serious dent in my little collection in addition to watching everything on streaming and am going to need to pick up a few more before I run out.
I just finished The King of Con. It was pretty interesting. Its a true story of a guy guy who made and lost billions, stumped the FBI, and eluded the Mob.

Other interesting books I've read/listened to recently.

Walden on Wheel- Ken Illgunas
The President is Missing- James Patterson
First Conspiracy- Brad Meltzer
Quarterback- John Feinstein
Scores- Blutrich
Into the Abyss- Carol Shaben


Agreed plausible. I prefer the theory he got killed by Costa Rican exotic animal dealers for either screwing someone in a deal or screwing someone's girlfriend/wife.

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Outsiders on HBO. Based on a novel by Stephen King. One season 10 episodes and a great ending.

Not usually my type of stuff but great story, great acting, very little filler.