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Im over watching a recruits offensive highlight reels. After the Fernandez experience, i am looking at defense. He seems like he could be a fast and pesty defender. Any game film out there of his defense?
I hear you but the reels do help you get a sense for the player. I'm impressed at how quick and athletic he is. Seems comfortable with both hands and has good court awareness/vision. Unbelievable hops and a nice release. If he's as determined and competitive as his coach describes, I'm all-in on Marsh.

Welcome, Jordan and congrats CKE on a great pick-up!


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I much rather clear video of a kid doing well than one video that barely shows what the kid did in a game. Of course there’s always videos that make the recruit sound like he’s the second coming of Michael Jordan like the one for Mike Gray.


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to Jim, other than being super young, the roster construction isn’t bad if either Elvis or Blake showed signs they were going to break out at the 4 (this assumes only Oduro is leaving):

PG: Polite, Dinkins, Marsh
SG: Fernandez, Barron, White
SF: Gaines, Ball
PF: Jones, Nnaji
C: Henry, Ojiako, P. Oduro

That PF spot looks soooooft. But other than that a pretty good mix of experience and youth.
I think the PF spot should be the easiest to fill. Hardest being guard and center