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Speaking of the Giants and bad looks...



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It just looks so thin. It could have been a fine logo if they just made it chunkier

That’s what I said. Just make the secondary color an outline rather than three lines of equal weight. It would improve the logo a lot. Just look at Rhode Island’s (which also stinks) and GW’s (which is only slightly better because that font is woof ugly). Still looks better because there is weight to the letters

Davidson’s is pretty awful. So is Duquesne’s. SLU’s little Billikin is the right kind of hilariously bad to be good and makes me think we just use the dumb Patriot face as the logo—dumb Patriot face with his jaunty GM tricorner hat.


It looks even worse when surrounded by other logos. And with the exception of the Spiders, those are not great logos.
I think what’s worse is how poor the logo rollout has been. I’ve accepted this is now our logo, but they’ve done a poor job making sure internal and external parties are following the new brand guidelines.

This graphic from the A10 shouldn’t be using the green outside/gold inside version on a dark background, looks horrible. The baseball team is probably the biggest offender on how they’ve leaned into the new branding on their graphics. Just a few examples, but if you want people to buy in and build brand recognition, you have to be consistent and prioritize quality control.


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Too bad GM will always be next to GW in A10 publications. Just another reminder how we simply copied aspects of some of the worst logos of other schools.


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Given the level of unbridled enthusiasm that the boards have expressed over the logo, I'm sure there are tons of you who would be interested in taking advantage of these suggestions!