Is it really that Bad???


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As others have said, its the trend that most of us are fearing. While some of us (including me) wanted to give Hewitt "Time", all we have seen over that time is regression. For a whole team to come back and look completely worse is mind boggling and I think that is where a lot of worry is. Couple that with a tougher league and its hard to not be encouraged.

Maybe we'll be surprised and the team will be better in league play then we think. But it appears more and more unlikely with each game, especially after the Penn and ODU games. In my opinion, if the team really did learn something in Hawaii (like some of us hoped), they would have 1) finished off Penn without them coming back like they did and 2) won at ODU. Plain and simple.

Mason isn't playing in the CAA anymore. Playing VCU isn't the toughest game, you have several games against that level of talent, if not better.

The good thing for me at least, is that since I expect more debacles, is that I probably wont' get as annoyed with how they play and "enjoy being at the game" with friends and those who sit around me at games versus the result on the court.
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Man, it really is bad. We've become a pity case for VCU fans.

I know there are a few VCU fans out there who want us to do well so the rivalry and conference get better. I'm not necessarily in that boat (I would love to see VCU fail), but that's because we've been on the losing end of the rivalry for so long...


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Man, it really is bad. We've become a pity case for VCU fans.
It kind of feels like when some of us stopped making fun of JMU or UNCW because we started feeling sorry for them. Some of us would say things like, "Maybe Buzz can get it turned around when he gets his guys." But we knew it wasn't ever going to happen with Buzz. Brady maybe but not likely.


DL. I appreciate you coming over to make an effort to provide us some perspective. For me, you are about a week too late to turn me around. I hope we do improve, it is just seems that after a year and a half with the same players that we would have seen it already.

I'd be interested to know if you have watched many of our games (not just looked at the stats). I'd be interested in a non-Mason fans evaluation of how they see our game play.

On the A10 boards, there have been some posters who have watched the games and thought we had a decent amount of talent but a coach who doesn't know what the hell he's doing.

Here was the most recent PH mention:

sjhawk13;9831449 said:
Yes, but they forgot to add in the PHUF: Paul Hewitt Uncoach Factor.

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