Goodbye Baraka Okojie


Best thing for JB is that he can sit for a year behind BO and RP if he returns, maybe even redshirt if RP returns. There shouldn't be a need in the back court to rush him in to action before he's ready. Not sure where DD fits in going forward.
What is the status for Devin Dinkins? Is he still dealing with a back injury?

Or perhaps this is a ominous sign that he has been unfortunately recruited over and we will be seeing him in the transfer portal at the end of the season.

Justin Begg like Devin Dinkins is very generously listed at 5'10/5'11 on recruiting websites. Real actual height probably 5'9/5'8.

What sets Justin Begg apart from the point guards we currently have?
I think, crucially, from watching the tape that Begg looks significantly more athletic than Dink has insofar shown during his time here- that’ll help big time with his height issues.


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I don't see JB redshirting. At the coaches show on 11/12 Coach Skinn talked about bringing in freshman, specifically Justin Begg, who were ready to compete "for A10 Rookie of the Year." Begg and Okojie are two of the keys to the future of the program.
No more redshirts except for season-ending injuries. Makes no sense otherwise — get what you can from a player recognizing he can transfer at will.


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