Game 5: gmu (2-2) at paradise jam vs Belmont (1-3) on Saturday November 19th 545pm


This Paradise Jam has been a bunch of malarkey for GMU. Can't wait for the team to jell in time for the a10 season.

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whatever those NBA scouts told Josh he needed to work on for the next level hasn't translated into improving his game whatsoever.
I recall KE saying something to the effect that the process that Oduro went through with the NBA was quite taxing, but the right thing to do. Does not seem like it at this point.


Anyone got +/- for out two big lineups this season? It seems to be our most effective stints in every game so far, but we keep going away from it.


I did not expect Ojiako to have such a huge impact, nor do I think he should be having such a big impact, but it's pretty clear we're better when he's on the floor considering how much Josh is struggling early on


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Ojiako is starting to look like the legit big man on this team recently in this game. JO seems like he is totally flummixed by the zone and the traps down low and is not going up strong nor is he passing out to the wings well.
Maybe the solution is starting him with Josh to free Josh up more in open space. Nothing else seems to be working, so maybe it’s worth a shot.


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Pathetic. Nobody on this team can dribble penetrate against the zone, and other than Cooper doesn't look like anybody can get open on the outside either. I still think the players on this team have plenty of talent but I have pretty low confidence in KE's game planning at this point.

Oh also....idk what the numbers say, But once again the other team hits their free throws and GM doesnt.


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Cooper is 5-14 with all of these shots 3 pointers. Yet, we draw up a play or he insists on taking the "last" shot and bricks a lay-up. Stop going to Cooper or tell him to stop shooting. He's way too inconsistent of a shooter and should not be taking as many shots.

Bailey and Ticket have to take more shots behind Oduro. Those 3 need to drive us and don't understand why Kim has not pressed this.