Game 30: GMU (17-12 / 9-7) vs Fordham (23-6 / 11-5) on Wednesday, March 1, at 7:00 PM.


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I always get a kick out of the hypothetical "We'd be in first place had we won all of our games" comments. It reminds me of the sentiment "If my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a tricycle."

Every team is going to have clunkers over the course of the season that they regret. The truth is we weren't good enough on the respective days we played Loyola in Chicago or GW at home, and the most important thing now is what — if anything — did we learn from those games.

I believe Coach L once said that the 20-point shellacking we took against Creighton at home during our Final 4 season was a turning point for that team. Sometimes the worst losses serve a greater purpose than the best wins. Here's hoping that's the case with this team
The Duquesne a**-kicking seems to have been the wake-up call this team needed. Even when it hasn’t been pretty, there has been a noticeable uptick in toughness and intensity over the last 4 games.

Gonna need it to continue tonight because you know Fordham will try to beat us up like they have so consistently since we’ve been in the A-10.


It's March already?



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Alright I’ve been swamped with work for weeks and haven’t kept up but is there a reason we’re -3.5? That spread in an at home must win game against f**king Fordham screams free money unless I’m missing something.

Edit: to clarify I mean Fordham should cover lol


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Keys to the game:

1) how will Ticket and Fernandez handle being dared to shoot the ball? If Fernandez and/or Ticket go off I like our chances.

2) How will Polite and Cooper handle being hounded relentlessly for 40 minutes? Will it be turnover city or will they stay composed?

3) How will Oduro handle being doubled/tripled in the post. Is he going to make the right pass like first half against Dayton or will he get a bunch of offensive fouls trying to force things (this will also have a lot to do with 1 and 2).

4) Lastly, the entire team has to stay tough on the defensive glass. Fordham is going to come strong. They’ve got to box out hard and be secure with the ball.


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This feels like a tournament game already. Great defense on both sides


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Fordham 3/29 from the field in the first half.

That’s good right?