Game 3: GMU (2-0) vs Cornell (3-0) on Wednesday, November 15, at 7:30 PM.


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Cornell is a member of the Ivy League. They were picked to finish 3rd in the 8 team Ivy League.

Cornell was 17-11 (7-7) last year with a 6-8 road record.

KenPom: Gives us a 61% chance of winning.
GMU - 119
Cornell - 115
Cornell - NA

We are 0-1 (.000) all-time against Cornell.

Cornell is 3-0 so far this season with wins at Lehigh (84-78), at home against Morrisville State College (107-86) and on the road at Fordham (78-73).

The Big Red return 7 of their top 8 scorers from last season. Nazir Willams, Chris Manon, Guy Ragland, Isaiah Gray, Sean Hansen, Keller Boothby, and Max Watson are all back for another season.

Statistical leaders for the 23-24 season are 6’9” Sean Hansen (12.7 ppg & 5.0 rebounds), 6’3” Jacob Beccles (15.0 ppg), 6’2” Cooper Noard (13.7 ppg & 6.3 reb), 6’5” Adam Tsang Hinton (11.0 ppg), and Chris Manon (10.7 ppg). Four others currently average between 6 and 9 ppg.

Starters against Fordham were: Chris Manon (14 pts), Cooper Board (13 pts), Isaiah Gray (9 pts), Sean Hansen (5 pts), and DJ Nix (2 pts). Key contributors off the bench were Nazir Williams (15 pts) and AK Okereke (11 pts).


This season Cornell averages 89.7 points per contest while giving up 79.0. They shoot 54.2% from the floor and 39.0% from 3. Opponents are shooting 45.3% from the floor and 32.2% from 3. Cornell shoots 61.6% from the charity stripe and average 17.3 turnovers per contest. They are out rebounding opponents by 7.6 rebounds per game.

The game is on ESPN+.

My prediction: They are a solid/very good team team all so this will be a close one. It's going to take a good effort to win this one. I stand by my original prediction, Mason wins a close one 75 -71.



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Cornell 45 Fordham 24 at the half. on ESPN+

Cornell pressing, has created 11 Ram turnovers. Fordham looking unorganized.


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Cornell wins by 5. Announcer says Cornell has won 23 straight nonconf games if you don't count games against ACC, Big 10, etc

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Pretty compelling start to the season. Hats off to Tony and staff for putting together a talented squad.

While I still have concerns about our ability to knock down threes on a consistent basis, we have more guys who are comfortable shooting from beyond the arc than we did over the past few years. Kelly, Hall, Polite, Maddox, Newton, Okojie, and, as well saw last night, Ball. A definite strength and a real problem for the opposition. Case in point: Maddox and Polite were non-factors in the 1st half, yet we went into halftime with a nearly 30 point lead!

Our defense is impressive. This team just moves faster, and reacts better, than KE's teams did. While we did really tighten things up late in conference play last year, it took KE three+ months to scheme and motivate. Tony and staff got this team ready by game 1. While we have only played two games that's enough data points for me. I can see we're solid on this front.

Baraka and Keyshawn are even better than I expected (and I had high expectations with both players). But I'm most impressed with what I'm seeing from Kelly, mainly because I didn't know anything about him (can't recall watching any tape on him). Figured he'd just clear the boards but he has a nice set of offensive skills.

I'm curious about Ball. We had a comfortable lead when he subbed in so did Tony feel like it was a good spot to see what he could do, or has he been killing it in practice and forced his way onto the court? Kid has confidence.

I am relieved that KE bolting with a cadre of our best players didn't decimate the program. Quite the opposite. We're clearly in good hands.


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Skinn said Ball had a great week of practice and was rewarded. Ball was also going to come on for Maddox in the last minute of the first half against Monmouth but the window passed so he didn’t get in.


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Are the 7 pm Tix also good for the women's game at 4 pm?
Finally got an answer.

1 Ticket, 2 Games: Wednesday, November 15th!
George Mason Women's and Men's Basketball will both return to action inside EagleBank Arena on Wednesday, November 15h. The Women will take on Pittsburgh at 4:00PM and the Men will match up versus Cornell at 7:30PM. Take advantage of this basketball doubleheader by purchasing a ticket to the Men's Game which is valid to be able to attend BOTH games on Wednesday. Help us bring the Patriot Pressure and #BelieveBIG!
Upcoming Games:
Wednesday, November 15th | Double Header - Purchase of Men's tickets allows you to see the women's game for FREE!
Saturday, November 18th | WBB vs Robert Morris @ 3pm - GET TICKETS
Saturday, November 25th | MBB vs East Carolina @ 2 pm - GET TICKETS
Wednesday, November 29th | MBB vs NJIT @ 7pm - GET TICKETS

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Is there a connection between Cornell and a bear?

“Cornell’s most famous animal resident has to be the bear. The University has no official mascot, but the image of a bear has long played a role in Cornell athletics. The very first bear to come to campus was purchased by Zoology Professor Burt Green Wilder in 1872 and cared for by John Henry Comstock ’74. While this bear was an amusement to students, its real purpose was to serve as a study object. After a series of adventures and hijinks, such as a surprise late night trip to the University chaplain, the bear eventually became a specimen in the University’s museum. It wasn’t until 1915 when a black bear cub, dubbed Touchdown, began showing up at Cornell football games, that the bear made its indelible impression on the student body. Perhaps it was the presence of this bear that led the 1915 football team to their undefeated national championship season. The idea of keeping a bear on the side-lines was planted, and three more Touchdowns followed through the 1939 season.”