Game 16: St. Joe's, January 11, 8 PM, CBS Sports Network


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I don't know what it is but I'm just feeling this positive vibe tonight... We can beat this team Jenkins showing shades of that down low type player Larranaga continually produced, kids' awesome!

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Now if we can just find him a partner in crime in the front line we'd have something. Because he is going to start seeing double and triple teams if he keeps this up.


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Chris Wilson is downright bad at basketball.

Papa Ndao is...good? Huh.

Let's see if we're in store for a Martelli Meltdown.


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Both teams are weak on defense. Mason looked very good for a long time.

Might be a long year for GM, but I'm glad we don't play the Patriots again.


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There is nothing to say that has not already been said. Paul Hewitt finds a way to get all of his teams to lose their heart and fire. His new nickname is The Fire Extinguisher.

Sure, they can mount a comeback or almost mount a comeback, but overall they just don't have the mental toughness to stay with a whole game.

I can't even find myself excited about the freshmen because I am waiting for the inevitable regression or transfer.


And they are missing one of their good players.

This is too funny....well there are tears in my eyes...but lets say I am laughing....


Mason is only going to play good for 1 of the halves, if any at all. Might as well flip a coin to guess which half that would be.