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KA, I think you should post the KISS video you put on Facebook to offer some much-needed levity around here. That was hilarious.


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And I will whole heartedly agree with that. Some need a serious A** kickin.

For instance, while BA can screw things up....the kid is playing his heart out. He gets a pass from me since no one else seems to want to sometimes.

Some others need some serious self reflection......

I like Bryon, but I wouldn't give anyone a pass on this team. I know what Larranaga would do. He'd have the players watch game tapes all day until they committed to play like a team should.

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I wouldn't say they defended Hewitt, but I know Lamar was saying every time they got into their set and ran the offense they had great looks at the basket. When they didn't, they struggled. He said the offense works, the players don't trust it.

I know Vaughan was pissed that he saw a player checking his cell phone on the bench against vcu with another senior "leader" then asking him what time it was. He said the older players would have never let something like that happen.

No, I can't imagine John Vaughan - who I will always remember for sprinting back full speed to block a break away dunk/layup in multiple games - being too impressed with that behavior.

The old players are right to criticize that behavior. That's absolutely ridiculous.

At the same time though, you have to look at the guy running the organization for allowing that type of behavior to occur. Anyone think for an instant that Coach L would ever allow that to occur on his bench?


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Of course the players need to be held accountable. They need to be held accountable by the coach. He is the one that is there to teach them, and to motivate them. If they are not doing what he is teaching, not into the games, etc. he either needs to use some disciplinary measures to get their attention (like the haircut thing), teach them better, or simplify what he is teaching them.

If only one or two guys was having a problem, I would be looking at those guys as needing to be fixed. Since it is most of team that is failing, it is something more systemic, and that is what the coach needs to be held accountable for.


Never said it was the whole story, but it is part of the story, which many don't want to admit. Too many want to blame Hewitt for eveything. I would put the blame on him at about 30/40%.

On the same page in terms of admitting we just don't have a whole lot of talent and the talent we do have has been underachieving. BUT I believe a good coach puts his guys in position to win and a bad one does the opposite.

We can't blame Hewitt for everything, but you can fire a head coach, you don't fire players.