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I know athletes are sentimental with their jersey numbers. I just don’t get it, it’s just a number lol
1) a tribute to the player's contribution to the program in that he will be the last to wear that Jersey #
2) additional sales revenues from Jersey's with that name and number on it - especially among those who knew him or saw him play in that era
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I expect 1,500 wins and 10 National Championships in the first 3 years! ;)

RIP Masonhoops.com server capacity hahaahah
It's wild too, it's only been two months and he's checked all these blocks with the fanbase and really endeared himself already. It just shows you how easy it is, and that previous folks really just didn't care about it what so ever.
It is also part generational and personality. I'm sure there are younger coaches that don't do this sort of thing (although maybe they do at the beginning). It is certainly nice that any of the deadhorses people talk about get addressed in some manner early on though.
I still remember Mason Day when we had Run DMC and looking back in the crowd and seeing a very content George Evans partying with friends.

I skipped work that day and came back for that.

I guess what I'm saying is, maybe if we did something cool every once in a while, cool famous alumni like me, and that Breaking Bad minkie, and Karl Rove and George Evans might come back every once in a while.

EDIT: I've just learned that Karl Rove isn't regarded as cool and never was
God bless Howard Stern and this bit from "Private Parts." Still a phenomenal movie. Definitely holds up.

Only thing is you can't help but notice the movie is a love letter to his wife and homage to himself as a family man...

Then he divorced her and traded her in for a minkie 30 years younger anyway

The Great PATSby

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Also can we talk about how And1 made our uniforms?

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I know athletes are sentimental with their jersey numbers. I just don’t get it, it’s just a number lol

It's your number. Athletes are superstitious and ritualistic by nature...I was ALWAYS 15...don't know why that number stuck in my psyche (I think I got it first when I was 12), but that was my number.


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If some 5 star recruit signs and wants 21, 21 will come out of retirement.
I usually agree with you but in this case I will disagree. 3 time CAA POY, an honor shared only with David Robinson, cannot be overlooked. Had he left when L arrived the entire chapter in Mason history would have to be rewritten, for the worse. As Coach L said, George Evans is the George Washington of GMU basketball. He earned and deserves his place in Mason history. His number should be permanently retired. No question about it.


Yates was a problem for the University in the past. Willing to bet that changes now in the social justice climate.

As for Evans and Mason....like Like Skywalker....he just moved to an island to hideaway...

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