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Evans #21 Unofficially Retired

Now imagine if our AD did something cool like everybody who wears a George Evans jersey gets in free versus (insert team here) and we honored him for a whole day and shit.

Oh, and sell throwback Evans jerseys so either way the U (not the weak a** South Beach one) wins anyway.

How to market a basketball program 101

Derp. Narp. Tard.

The Great PATSby

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LMAO... Mike Morrison's comment on Instagram. I've thought the same thing. I started at Mason after Evans had graduated. I don't think he's ever set a foot on campus in the last 15 years. I've also never seen anything on social media of him in present time. To anyone who associated with Mason post 2001, he really is a mythical beast of a man that you only hear of him from passed down stories. He may or may not be real... but his greatness carries him forever. He's basically the Mason version of Odysseus or Archilles.

George Evans.jpg


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Yep- English gets it. Embracing the history, connecting with a fanbase. Guy just gets it and is a breath of fresh air.

Lets hope it translates to his coaching ability too since we expect anywhere from 5-8 A10 titles under him.
It's wild too, it's only been two months and he's checked all these blocks with the fanbase and really endeared himself already. It just shows you how easy it is, and that previous folks really just didn't care about it what so ever.


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If GEORGE MASON on the jersey was good enough for Mr. Evans, it should be good enough for everyone who ever wears the jersey.
MASON. Please. Enough already. Let it AND THE STUPID STAR, end now!


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without a formal Hall of Fame there should be a Ceremony for each Jersey # retired and raised into the rafters. Ceremonies should occur at key games or vs key rivals were the arena is packed.
i have never truly understood why something like this never got going. I don't think I'm oversimplifying when i say that it'd just require a working group to come up with baseline criteria for number retirement and maybe a moderate chunk of change to buy some banners, set up a showcase/booth for trophies and plaques, and maybe a dedicated spot to house each players pictures.


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Next in line has to be Carlos Yates, followed by Kenny Sanders.
Right now, those three. No more.


I know athletes are sentimental with their jersey numbers. I just don’t get it, it’s just a number lol

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