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This isn’t exactly true. There are 1,000s of athletes who can do what they do, but there is a supply problem. It’s like long snappers. There are exactly 32 spots open for long snappers in the NFL. Hundreds of athletes who COULD do it but never get the chance. A lot of skill and dedication needed to make it to the brightest level, but a lot of luck and timing too.

Also, Amazon delivery drivers make more than a lot of starting teachers…
It's not completely about skill. It's also about dedication to the craft. Take golf, for example. If you play, there always that one shot you made that makes you think you could be a pro golfer, IF you just put in the time. The problem is the time it takes to be able to hit 72 'perfect' shots in a row, 4 days in a row. Most people just don't want to put in the effort, hence they aren't in the pro tour.

Same with any of these skilled athletes. Sure there are many who COULD be just as good but they are not as dedicated, sometimes to the detriment of other life skills, to practicing their craft. And if you're dedicated enough to get to this level, you will be dedicated to making your own good luck and timing. From here, it comes down to genes. Some people have good athletic genes and some do not. The key is for those with good genes to be one of the ones who will dedicate himself or herself to their chosen profession.

Then pay them what the market will bear!


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Austin Claunch who was at Mason at one point is coaching and younger than English. Go figure.


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Scott Greene

But looking at Jay Wright’s retirement from a Maryland perspective? The timing couldn’t be better. His rosters were loaded with talent from the DMV year in and year out. From Dante Cunningham to Scottie Reynolds to Kris Jenkins and Josh Hart to Saddiq Bey.

and for GMU (as well as Georgetown)


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"You can not beat the diversity of raising young kids in DC/Northern Virginia. School, park, play, restaurants. They are surrounded by all peoples from all backgrounds coexisting beautifully. My most joyous moments as a parent."

It sounds like KE is very happy raising his daughters in DC/NoVA.
Yep let’s hope that Kevin Willard and whoever Georgetown hires to replace Ewing both are very successful lol

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