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Still don't like the fact that he can't say being a consistent winner in A-10 and producing NBA players in separate sentences. One is an absolute must for any new coach here , the other is a nice thing to hang your hat on when you look back at your coaching career. Yes I will die on this hill...

Seems like a dumb hill to die on, but OK.

Quentin Daniels

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Solid article and great interview.

1. Interesting his thoughts on limiting transfers. Musselman at Arkansas has recruited a majority of his players that way (6 in '19, 3 in '20, 4 in '21) and built a Top 10 team out of it.

2. Why no mention of Isaiah Tate when hyping his staff's past successes, Coach? Two NCAA tournaments and a win over #9 Villanova while actually at George Mason, albeit the CAA at the time.


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Might want to take the whole article down before this site gets in trouble (read it fast).

Also, a good idea to pay for quality journalism so journalism stays quality.
Got no problem with your post. Well said.
And true. Going around the pay wall was a bad idea. Thanks for a civil comment.


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I have a paid membership to The Athletic
use the above link and the first 4 of you will get a free 30 day membership

use that then look out for the 1/2 priice subscription offers

please post when you have claimed one so that others dont waste their time

Thanks, Jesse! I picked up one of the guest passes.


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Great stuff!! He called (indirectly) Duquesne a "paper tiger"...lol

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Live look at @GMU79 getting salty over this thread.


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