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I believe in being polite and respectful to everyone, regardless of the situation. I would NEVER condone any suggestion or act of violence toward anyone. I was the one that reported Jollay because I felt his comment was beyond what any reasonable human would make. Based on the likes that he has received it is obvious that many/most of you think it’s okay to wish death on another. Free speech? FU. Disappointed in some of you to be honest, but you don’t seem to give a sh&t.

So to all of you that support the likes of Jollay and think that being rude, disrespectful, and making threats wishing death on another is acceptable, I encourage you to re-evaluate your life and beliefs.

I shouldn't have to explain this a grown man, but I was simply saying Polite is doing well despite the premature assessments of some of his most vocal critics here: like A) Sleeperpick and B) You. I can pull the verbiage if you like.

If you think I am literally wishing death on you you may have serious mental problems in addition to your physical problems. Especially since at Brion's Funeral I asked you to come out and have a beer.

For the record, I hope you "survive" and do not "perish" from your ordeal.

I am really not...that....pro-death.



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Is CKE all talk/recruit and no coach?
ie, all saddle and no horse?
It’s certainly not been great, and tonight leaves me asking a lot of questions.

he’s recruiting well no doubt, but so far I haven’t seen the pieces fit together when needed. And to me that’s a bigger concern. It’s one thing to have a stinker vs auburn.

it’s another against Boston college. They aren’t good.


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Alright I finally have time to sit down and type out some thoughts. I’ll lead by saying this: I’m probably going to be wrong, and I am rooting for this being wrong.

I think we are going to be the most talented team in recent history to finish bottom half of the league. I think we absolutely have the most talented team that we’ve had since 2010-2011, but our roster makeup is downright perplexing in some ways.

We are one of the oldest teams in the league, but will potentially be relying on big minutes from multiple true freshman, including potentially at our starting PG spot.

We are deeper than we have been in years, but somehow still not very deep outside the 2-4. For all the talk from the staff on how hard it was on tickets body to play the 4 in the A10 all year this year — everyone is still projecting him to start and play most of his minutes there! And it’s because we don’t have other options.

No one can still tell you with any inkling of authority who our starting PG is. I’ve already harped about this enough but none of our three options inspire a ton of confidence. It seems our best option is starting Dinkins, who as much as I love I think is going to have serious growing pains adapting to the college game. We have seen year in year out that below average PG play can and will single-handedly lose you games. How we were unable to solidify that position beyond a doubt still baffles me.

Finally, the league is just pretty brutal this year. Talent is way up across the board, and the middle of the pack teams are going to beat the dog shit out of each other. If you can look at our schedule and pencil in away wins at all of the top teams we have to go to then pass me a bottle of whatever you are drinking. It’s brutal.

My heart agrees with the 4-5 projections I’ve seen, but my head is telling me 7-9 with a stupidly talented team because the roster is not balanced.

I’m absolutely rooting to be wrong, but this is just what I’m thinking on a Sunday in September. Maybe this will spur some discussion where we really take a little harder look at our projected minutes getters and how that plays out on a court.

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Not to pile on, but what evidence do we have so far other than rankings (which are wrong a lot) that even the recruiting is what it seems to be. Not ready to give up on anyone, but I’m very concerned at this point.


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Not to pile on, but what evidence do we have so far other than rankings (which are wrong a lot) that even the recruiting is what it seems to be. Not ready to give up on anyone, but I’m very concerned at this point.

For the freshmen:

I think Dinkins has shown a lot of promise and looks like he “could” grow into the role of a starting caliber PG

Fernandez, we haven’t seen enough of because for better or worse English trusts Cooper, Bailey and Saquan over him right now. Can’t really comment one way or another on him.

Same goes for Elvis, but he looks huge for a freshman and surprising nimble for his size. I’d like to see him get more runout to see what he can do because he’s exactly what we need at the 4 if he can defend, rebound, and attack the rim (but who knows he’s only really picked up garbage time).

Peter Oduro was a flyer so no grade for him.

Blake Jones:

Blake Jones might be transferring after this season. He shows intelligence on the court but has largely been useless. A good flyer but it’s not working out so far.

As for transfers:

Schwartz was great last year. We currently miss his shooting by a mile on this team. He wasn’t a fantastic defender but not as bad as Cooper has been.

Bailey has been the one bright spot in the starting five this year. We might be 1-3 without him…

Cooper has been streaky. That’s about what I can say for him. Good shooter when he’s on, a net negative when he’s not.

Ticket has all the talent in the world but maybe not the attitude to fully exploit it? He should be “the guy” here but something is stopping him.

Ojiako has been competent. I have no problem with him as our backup center.

Saquan, uh, big swing and miss on him. Thought he’d solidify the defense at least but nope.


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