2021-22 Schedule Thread

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ESPN has updated the schedule:
I find it interesting that the lowest priced seats are for this AT Maryland. Is it because it's a large arena? Or is it because it's in Maryland? Hmmmm ...

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Interesting scheduling going on this year.
Coppin St played at Loyola Chicago last night and got smoked 103-45. But since they are in Chicago, they aren't resting a day. They will play DePaul tonight. They aren't the only ones.

Maryland-Eastern Shore lost at St Joe's last night and will play at Temple tonight before leaving Philly.

Northwestern St lost at Oklahoma last night and will play at Tulsa tonight.

Alcorn St lost at Washington St last night and will play at Seattle tonight before leaving the state.

Alabama St lost at Western Kentucky last night and will play Vandy on their way home tonight.

These kind of make sense since all of these are getting in two buy-games while making their travel efficient. But its got to be tough on the players.

And then there is Saint Louis. They beat Central Arkansas at home last night and are playing Harris Store tonight. Then they host Eastern Illinois on Friday night.

Not sure I've ever seen back-to-back games to start a season, especially when its not a MTE.


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URI tied at half with Bryant after they threw away a pass at the end of the half and gave up a 3. Time to switch to Mason.


Washington is playing Wyoming tonight very late out west... Washington has had some struggles so far this season even though they are 2-1. This is their last game before playing us early next week. Will be watching to see how they play tonight


Morgan State being shown the door by Seattle tonight... ugh

Indiana State took ODU behind the woodshed and won by 41


Nevada had a 16 point lead at one point late in the first half and led by 10 at the half. An over 5 minute scoreless period did them in late in the 2nd half and allowed SF to come back and steal the win late


Washington loses to Wyoming in OT, 77-72

Terrell Brown scored 30 pts, but on 10 of 29 shooting and 9 of 10 from the line. Washington committed 29 fouls in the game, and played 8 players basically... with a 9th playing 6 minutes. Bey was the only other player to score in double figures with 10

Wyoming played a zone defense late in the 2nd half and OT, which seemed to give the Washington offense some serious problems


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Morgan State being shown the door by Seattle tonight... ugh

Indiana State took ODU behind the woodshed and won by 41
ODU only scored 16 points in the first half! Maybe there's more to the story, but man - that's horrible.

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