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SCOTUS Strikes Down Restrictions on Benefits Restrictions in Unanimous Vote

Supreme Court rules against NCAA restrictions on colleges offering educational perks to compensate student-athletes By Robert Barnes...

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GMU RHP Sang Ho Baek Dead at 20

No clear news as to what happened, but anytime someone passes so young it's a sad, sad situation. My thoughts are with his family and friends...

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2021 NBA Draft Entry Tracker


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40 Years of DCs "Cold War"

From Georgetown's Booster Site - also mentions GMU-Georgetown Another Reason/Need for the DMV Invitational GMU - GWU - GT - Maryland - Howard - American - UMBC - Va - VaTech - Richmond on some type of rotating...

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OT - former Mason pitcher hit by line drive

I posted this in the baseball thread but thought it was a story all Mason fans would want to read, especially those of you who believe in the power of prayer, vibes, collective consciousness, etc.

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Promotion Giveaways

Since its the offseason and things are slow, thought I'd start a thread on Promotion Giveaway ideas. Seems like they're running out of ideas. I'm really not a big fan of an cheap and ugly hats or shirts that I'll...

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All balll with Doug Gottlieb

If you guys haven't heard both part one and part 2 interview With Doug Gottlieb and coach English you are missing out. If somebody could help me out and post the link I would appreciate it for everyone to hear...

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Evans #21 Unofficially Retired

View: https://twitter.com/Englishscope24/status/1395549535657660416?s=19

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