I'd like to personally thank everyone that participated in our first donor drive in years! We raised over double the amount that we set as a goal. You guys are awesome! This money helps to fuel much needed upgrades around here - and also includes monthly server costs and software licenses. We are excited for the future and your donations ensure that there will be a place to talk about George Mason basketball (among other things) for seasons to come! - The Management

Another retirement in the AD

Really a chance for a sea change within the AD here with the third retirement in a year: https://gomason.com/news/2021/8/23/athletics-sr-asociate-ad-ron-shayka-announces-retirement.aspx

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Justyn Fernandez Top 10

View: https://twitter.com/JustynFernande4/status/1426317873014771712 Time to show Justyn some love on social media. It's quite a list but we got a shot with this new staff.

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New PA announcer?

I know it’s one of our favorite dead horse off-season topics, but apparently there’s an opening for a new PA announcer. I suspect it’s not for Men’s basketball but for other sports. https://jobs.gmu.edu/postings/51057

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OT: Someone Get GMUBrian a drink and put him on suicide watch......

Chevy considers axing the Camaro to fund development of electric sedan. https://www.teslarati.com/chevrolet-ponders-axing-camaro-for-electric-sedan/ The Chevrolet Camaro, plagued by slow sales figures compared...

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Another Impediment to Local Rivalries?

I am a partial STH of Goergetown Basketball; I saw this on their board, in response to the question of why GU doesnt play GMU I dont know for a fact whether or not the statement is true But it is something that I...

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Pearson and Monroe in TBT

Darryl Monroe had 18 pts and 7 rebounds in Autism Army's last win. The game before that both Darryl and Ryan had 10 points. They play the Marquette alumni team tonight at 7PM on ESPN2. Winner goes to the...

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Mason Names Manya Puppione Women's Soccer Head Coach


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English isms

“You don’t ‘rise to the occasion’… you fall to the level of preparation.” So just prepare at a really high level. Twitter 6/27/2021

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2021 -2022 A10 Conference Predictions

https://www.daytondailynews.com/sports/atlantic-10-offseason-power-ranking-st-bonaventure-an-easy-pick-for-no-1/SWJGAPYZXNC3BDTCB7MRSFADZI/ 1 St. Bonaventure 8 GMU

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