I'd like to personally thank everyone that participated in our first donor drive in years! We raised over double the amount that we set as a goal. You guys are awesome! This money helps to fuel much needed upgrades around here - and also includes monthly server costs and software licenses. We are excited for the future and your donations ensure that there will be a place to talk about George Mason basketball (among other things) for seasons to come! - The Management

Missouri fires Cuonzo Martin...(Looks like Fake News)..False Alarm

View: https://twitter.com/RGW_News/status/1481674678402011136 I don't think we have anything to worry about at this point, but.....Looks like it was not true...at least, yet.

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Roster Shortages

Jon Rothstein @JonRothstein · 2h Sources: The Atlantic 10 is petitioning the NCAA to allow players that are redshirting this season limited participation without jeopardizing a full year of eligibility to help...

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Adidas Embroidery Logo Poll

We got two to choose from. Either the star only or the full logo (the selected logo can go on all colors, so don’t base your vote on black vs grey). This will go on any 1/4, polo, jacket offered.

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Game 14 Part 3? : GMU (7-6 / 0-0) at GW (4-9 / 0-1) on Monday, January 17, at 2PM.

The nightmare of a season resumes, or does it? I am posting this today (1/8) since all other action has been postponed. Again, I am out of action beginning Monday the 10th so if other games are actually played in...

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Adidas Shirt Design Poll

You got 24 hours to vote - if we can only go with one of these designs, which one is your favorite (you can vote for 2):

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Mason Adidas Flash Store

Yesterday @tblack33 and myself had some conversations with people at Mason and the adidas rep that works with George Mason Athletics (the bookstore side of things is a totally different thing that doesn't involve...

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Game 14 Part 2: GMU (7-6 / 0-0) at Richmond (10-6 / 1-2) on Tuesday, January 11, at 7PM. POSTPONED

Odds on this one getting played? Richmond is currently 10 - 6 on the season and 1 - 2 in A10 play. They are 7 - 1 at home, 2 -2 away, and 1 - 3 at neutral sites. History: Including tournament play GMU is 8-6...

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GMU (7-6 / 0-0) vs St. Joe’s (7-6 / 1-1) on Saturday, January 8, at 4PM. POSTPONED

Until this one gets postponed I feel the need to continue the tradition. St. Joe’s is currently 7 - 6 on the season and 1 - 1 in A10 play. They are 5 - 3 at home, 1 - 2 on the road, and 1 - 1 at neutral sites...

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Game 14: GMU (7-6 / 0-0) vs Rhode Island (9-3 / 0-0) on Wednesday, January 5, at 7PM. *POSTPONED*

Rhode Island is currently 9 - 3 on the season and 0 - 0 in A10 play. They are 6-0 at home, 2-2 on the road, and 1-1 at neutral sites. History: Including tournament play GMU is 1 - 7 against the Rams as a member...

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