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Should also mention JB Dragovich had a mini upset against 8th seed in 1st round at 125. For his efforts he faces top seeded Anthony Noto, who at times this year has been ranked #1 in the country, and was an all-american last year after finishing 4th at nationals.
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Similar situations for Pierce at 174, DuVall (6th seed) at 184 and Kocak at 197, as they can qualify if they make it to the finals (top 2 advance to NCAAT at each weight) - each only has one ranked wrestler on their side of the bracket that they would likely have to upset (#27, #27 and #33, so none ranked that high).
DuVall upsets #3 seed and 27th ranked wrestler who tech falled (which essentially means he lost by mercy rule) him earlier this season. Amazing performance by the healthy wrestlers so far as Cassidy at 149, McGee at 157, Maag at 165, and DuVall at 184 are all in the semi's now and within striking distance of qualifying for NCAAT.

Semi's start at 5pm tonight with all 4 wrestling for a spot in the finals.

Cassidy vs 27th ranked Kinner (lost 4-0 earlier this year)
McGee vs 24th ranked Lovett (won 3-2 earlier this year)
Maag vs unranked Swiderski (have not wrestled this year)
DuVall vs unranked Pulliam (have not wrestled this year)
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Cassidy loses a close match - but still has a chance to wrestle back and take 3rd and punch his ticket.

McGee and Maag into the finals. McGee has punched his ticket. If Maag doesn't win final, he may have to wrestle consolation bracket winner for true second (if winner is not someone he already wrestled).

DuVall up next.

Mason in 2nd place overall as a team. Really difficult to convey how amazing of a performance this has been with them basically missing half of their potential starters.


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DuVall pins his way into the finals - incredible.

He is in same situation as Maag - if they each don't win the final, they may have to wrestle off the 3rd place winner for true second, if they have not already defeated them in the tournament.


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Correction, Maag has to win the finals to secure the auto bid, as there is only one allocated. He lost a close match to his opponent earlier this year.


Hall of Famer

"Team Standings - Day One
1. Central Michigan -- 97.5
2. Rider -- 86.5
3. George Mason -- 76.5
4. Lock Haven -- 67.5
5. Northern Illinois -- 62.0
6. Ohio -- 61.0
7. Buffalo -- 58.0
8. Clarion -- 51.0
9. Cleveland State -- 49.5
10. SIU Edwardsville -- 39.5
11. Kent State -- 31.0
12. Bloomsburg -- 13.0
13. Edinboro -- 9.0

2024 MAC Wrestling Championship Matches -- Saturday, March 9
125: No. 1 seed Anthony Noto (Lock Haven) vs. No. 2 seed Blake West (Northern Illinois)
133: No. 1 seed Gable Strickland (Lock Haven) vs. No. 2 seed Richie Koehler (Rider)
141: No. 1 seed Wyatt Henson (Lock Haven) vs. No. 2 seed Jacob Brya (Northern Illinois)
149: No. 1 seed Corbyn Munson (Central Michgan) vs. No. 2 seed Quinn Kinner (Rider)
157: No. 1 seed Peyten Kellar (Ohio) vs. No. 2 seed DJ McGee (George Mason)
165: No. 1 seed Garrett Thompson (Ohio) vs. No. 3 seed Evan Maag (George Mason)
174: No. 1 seed Alex Cramer (Central Michigan) vs. No. 3 seed Michael Wilson (Rider)
184: No. 1 seed Cameron Pine (Clarion) vs. No. 6 seed Malachi DuVall (George Mason)
197: No. 1 seed Sam Mitchell (Buffalo) vs. No. 2 seed Benjamin Smith (Cleveland State)
285: No. 1 seed Daniel Bucknavich (Cleveland State) vs. No. 2 Seed David Szuba (Rider)"

In addition to the 3 Mason wrestlers in the championship matches - https://gomason.com/news/2024/3/8/w...punches-ncaa-ticket-at-mac-championships.aspx

"Kaden Cassidy (149) will wrestle on Saturday with hopes of a third place finish. The unseeded wrestle defeated 3rd-seeded Caleb Tyus of SIUE, then pins againt 6-seed Kaleb Burgess of Buffalo before falling to 2nd-seeded Quinn Kinner in the semis."
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Unfortunately two of our wrestlers who spent the majority of the season ranked/as potential NCAA qualifiers are both out with injuries (Higley at 141 and Nix at 285).

DJ McGee is likely already in as an at large, and needs to only finish top 5 at the MAC tournament in order to get an auto bid. He can improve his NCAAT seeding by making or winning the finals.

Maag still has to win his weight class to get the auto and likely doesn't have the resume to get an at large. But he has a shot to make the finals and either look for an upset against the #12 wrestler in the country (or maybe he is upset before the finals). He wrestled #12 and only lost by two - so he can compete with him.

Cassidy is a darkhorse at 149 if he can get the opening round upset vs #24 and make it to the finals/3rd place match (top 3 advance to NCAAT).

Similar situations for Pierce at 174, DuVall (6th seed) at 184 and Kocak at 197, as they can qualify if they make it to the finals (top 2 advance to NCAAT at each weight) - each only has one ranked wrestler on their side of the bracket that they would likely have to upset (#27, #27 and #33, so none ranked that high).

Future is still bright for next season with two guys returning from redshirt (Baker at 125 and Messer at 174) and hopefully everyone else returning healthy.
Having already secured his spot at NCAAT, McGee loses a close match in the finals, 2-0, while Maag and DuVall each beat nationally ranked #1 seeds to win the whole damn thing kinda out of nowhere to punch their tickets to NCAAT!

Cassidy lost a heartbreaker in consolation semi’s, narrowly missing a chance to wrestle for 3rd and the last auto bid at his weight. Guy he lost two is a nationally ranked wrestler that he beat yesterday and ultimately took 3rd.

Team finished 3rd overall, a couple points out of second, for their far and away best ever MAC tournament finish.


Hall of Famer

"The last time the Patriots had three wrestlers qualify for the NCAA Championship was in 2018-19, with Tejon Anthony (149) Colston DiBlasi (149) and Matthew Voss (285).

George Mason finished a program-best third place at the championship, besting last year's sixth-place finish. Prior to 2023, Mason finished finished 11th the previous two seasons in the 13-team conference."

"The Patriots had nine wrestlers make the podium with two champions, a second place, two fifth and sixth place finishes, and two eighth place winners."

"McGee finished second, dropping a 2-0 decision to #16 Peyten Keller from Ohio in the championship bout. McGee dropped a close, 3-0, decision to Keller earlier this season."

125 – JB Dragovich 8th Place
    • 4-1 decision over Max Elton (Buffalo) in round 1
    • 0-7 fall loss to top-seeded Anthony Noto (Lock Haven) in round 2
    • 8-1 decision win over Adan Benavidez (Kent State) in consolation
    • Fischer (Clarion) fall over Dragovich (2:19)
    • Aranda (CSU) earned major decision against Dragovich in 7th place match
  • 133 – Brandon Wittenberg -- 8th Place
    • 0-8 Major decision loss to Marcel Lopez (SIU Edwardsville) in round 1
    • Bye advances him to consolation round 3
    • 8-3 Decision win over Nick Molchak (Cleveland State) in consolation
    • Kaminski (NOIL) 4-2 dec against Wittenberg
    • Perez (Cent) dec 10-7 over Wittenberg in 7th place match
  • 141 – Dominic Hargrove -- 5th Place
    • 0-9 major decision loss to Ryan Sullivan (Clarion) in round 1
    • bye advances him to consolation round 3
    • 3-0 fall win over Dylan Layton (Cleveland State) in consolation
    • Fall (2:28) over Brenneman (Edinboro)
    • Nugent (Cent) fall (4:19) over Hargrove
    • Hargrove over Sullivan (Clarion) in 5th place match
  • 149 - Kaden Cassidy -- 5th Place
    • 8-2 decision over Caleb Tyus (SIU Edwardsville) in round 1
    • 3-0 fall win over Kalben Burgess (Buffalo) in round 2
    • 5-8 decision loss to Quinn Kinner (Rider) in the semis, moves to consolation final 4
    • lost to Tyus (SIUE), 9-6
    • Defeated Raike, TF 19-4 (4:31) in 5th Place match
  • 157 – DJ Mcgee -- Second Place:
    • Bye in round 1
    • 4-3 decision win over Keegan Knapp (Kent State), advances to final 4
    • 4-3 decision win over Johnny Lovett (Central Michigan), advances to championship
  • 165 – Evan Maag -- MAC Champion:
    • Bye in round 1
    • 11-2 fall win over Hunter Shaut (Buffalo), advances to final 4
    • 5-3 decision win over Tyler Swiderski, advances to final
    • Pinned Ohio's Garrett Thompson in 2:49 in Championship match
  • 174 – Paul Pierce:
  • 184 – Malachi DuVall -- MAC Champion
  • 197 – Tyler Kocak -- 6th Place:
    • Technical fall 3-18 loss to Benjamin Smith (Cleveland State) in first round
    • Bye advances him to consolation round 3
    • Dec 4-2 against Carroll (NOIL)
    • Dec 8-5 over Wiant (Clarion)
    • MD 18-5 loss to Schaffer (Kent)
    • Bell (Rider) wins 8-2 in 5th place match
  • 285 – Donovan Sprouse 6th Place:
    • Technical fall 6-21 loss to David Szuba (Rider) in first round
    • Bye opponent advances to consolation 3rd round
    • 5-3 decision over Miller (Lock Haven)
    • 4-1 dec over Lodato (Edinboro)
    • Ohio's Greer TF (5:26), 16-0 over Sprouse
    • Owen Pablan (Buf) dec Sprouse, 5-3 in 5th Place Match


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2024 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships

Weight Class: 157
(22) DJ Mcgee (GMU) 24-5

(29) Evan Maag (GMU) 27-9

(30) Malachi Duvall (GMU) 18-10
In my opinion DJ got a little shafted with his low seed - but he still has a decent shot to win his first two matches (which would put him in position to earn all american status for top 8). Maag and Duvall were not going to get at-large selections if they didn't snag an auto bid, so makes sense they are seeded where they are.

Maag gets to face one of the most accomplished current wrestlers in Iowa State's David Carr: now a 5 time national qualifier, 3 time all american - all top 3 finishes, would likely be 4x AA if not for Covid, a former national champ, and son of a legend.

DJ's Wins
DJ beat the #13 seed, #26 seed twice, #30 seed

OT to #2 seed, lost 2 very close matches to #7 seed, close loss to #21 seed with only 1 "bad" loss in OT to a guy who is just outside of NCAA qualification


Hall of Famer

George Mason Matches:
157: #22 DJ McGee
Champ. Round 1: Brayton Lee (Indiana) over DJ McGee (George Mason) • SV-1 4-1
Cons. Round 1: DJ McGee (George Mason) over Sonny Santiago (North Carolina) • Dec 4-2
Cons. Round 2: Cons. Round 2: Ryder Downey (Northern Iowa) over DJ McGee (George Mason) • TF-1.5 7:00 (15-0)

165: #29 Evan Maag
Champ. Round 1: David Carr (Iowa State) over Evan Maag (George Mason) • TF-1.5 4:52 (18-2)
Cons. Round 1: Joseph Bianchi (Little Rock) over Evan Maag (George Mason) • TF-1.5 7:00 (15-0)

184: #30 Malachi DuVall
Champ. Round 1: Dustin Plott (Oklahoma State) over Malachi DuVall (George Mason) • TF-1.5 5:00 (17-2)
Malachi DuVall (George Mason) over Tomas Brooker (Appalachian State) • Fall 1:22
Cons. Round 1: Chris Foca (Cornell) over Malachi DuVall (George Mason) • TF-1.5 5:00 (15-0)
# = NCAA Tournament Seed


Hall of Famer

"McGee became the sixth wrestler in Mason program history selected as the top freshman. The Patriots Nate Higley won the award in 2023. Four Patriots wrestlers claimed the award while competing as a member of the Colonial Athletic Association.

McGee had a tremendous season topped by a second-place finish at the MAC Championship, earning an automatic bid to represent the Patriots at the 2024 NCAA Division I Men's Wrestling Championships. He helped Mason earn a third-place finish at the MAC Championship, the best in the five-year history as a member of the 13-team conference.

The Stafford, Va. native was one of two Mason wrestlers to win more than 20 matches, finishing with a 25-7 record. The 157-pounder was in a competitive weight class in the conference that earned five allocations to the NCAA Championships. He finished 7-2 in the MAC with wins against Central Michigan's #24 Johnny Lovett, #28 Colton Washleski (Rider), and #33 Herrera-Rondon (Clarion).

The first-time NCAA Qualifier was seeded No. 22 in the NCAA Championship. Indiana's Brayton Lee needed sudden victory to defeat McGee in his first bout as an NCAA Qualifier, SV, 4-1. In the consolation round one, McGee won by a 4-2 decision against UNC's Sonny Santiago. Ryder Downey, the Big XII Champion from Northern Iowa, defeated McGee in the consolation second round ending his first NCAA Championship. He finished with a 1-2 record in the national tournament."


Hall of Famer


2Cleveland State3.5706MAC
4South Dakiota State3.5416Big 12
5Northern Illinois3.5374MAC
6Northern Iowa3.5156Big 12
7George Mason3.4977MAC
8Northwestern3.4818Big 10
10Oregon State3.4610Pac-12
12Franklin and Marshall3.4468EIWA
16Michigan State3.4308Big 10
18California Baptist3.4260Big 12
20Arizona State3.4188Pac-12
21Minnesota3.4170Big 10
23Kent State3.3784MAC
25The Citadel3.3609SOCON
27Wyoming3.3502Big 12
29Illinois3.3192Big 10


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Wrestling has unfortunately lost two starters/likely NCAA qualifiers to the portal - Markel Baker at 125 (just missed being an NQ in 2023, redshirted in 2024) and Nathan Higley at 141 (NQ in 2023, injured in 2024).

I guess there is still a chance either could return as I haven't seen it listed anywhere that they have committed somewhere. Coach has also been successful with getting a few quality transfers, so hopefully they can be replaced.

Otherwise we still return NQ'ers from last year at 157, 165 and 184, with additional potential NQ'ers at 149, 174 and 285, and the team has had solid recruiting for last several years - so still looking forward to one of the best wrestling teams in about 20 years potentially next year.
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Markel BakerSophomore125April 4George MasonNorthern IllinoisApril 16

Loranzo RajaonariveloGraduate157George MasonGlenville StateApril 3

Nathan HigleySophomore141March 20George Mason
Markel's xfer seems to be for personal reasons - he is from Illinois and he is transferring to a program where he will likely be behind an NCAA qualifier.

If Higley returns, it will be a huge boost - still also waiting to see if we get any xfers in, ideally at 125, 133 and 197 (and 141 if Higley does leave).

149 and up we are pretty solid with NCAA qualifier caliber wrestlers. If we keep Higley and/or add a few guys, we could be looking at a top 25'ish team.


Hall of Famer

"A former Oklahoma State standout, Heil is a two-time National Champion and three-time All-American at 141 pounds. The Brunswick, Ohio native is a four-time World Team Qualifier and 2016 Olympic Trials Qualifier."