Who are Patriot Club Donors?


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According to the Mason Patriot Club Alliance magazine, the Patriot Club had 1,350 donors in FY 15 (with gifts and pledges totaling $1.36 million). The distribution of donors as published was as follows:

Alumni: 48%

Others (Includes former students, friends, estates, fundraising consortia, associations, educational institutions, trusts, government, and religious organizations): 30%

Parents/Grandparents: 12%

Faculty/Staff: 6%

Corporations/Foundations: 6%

See https://admin.xosn.com/pdf9/4044406.pdf?


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We need to focus on ALL of the consulting, legal, software/technology, healthcare, etc. companies and organizations in NOVA. Checks from Booz Allen, PWC, Boeing, AOL, etc. are desperately what we need. Give them 3 full rows of tickets to every single event at the Patdome, not just basketball.

It continues to baffle me that the AD and Alumni office do not hire people with organizational fundraising backgrounds to just go out and target company donors to solicit funds for athletics. We have one of the richest and most economical rich backyards in all of America and we are only at 6% donations from Corporations/Foundations...... that is absolutely pathetic, unreal, and just deflating. Empathy has set in to the entire GMU staff, there are no real go-getters out there. They do the bare minimum and collect their paycheck and go home. I wish I could take some of the posters hearts on here and plug them in to some Mason workers, or simply put you all in to jobs like these to go after corporations for funds but we all know GMU wouldn't pay these roles but maybe $60k a year... if that.

VCU has a ton of support from Richmond area businesses where they also compete with U of R, VA Tech, and UVA. Yet they still pull down millions of dollars from local businesses and corporations. Its not hard..... Teague just identified his go-getters and hired people to address these situations and get funds. It worked.

Cabrera and Edwards need to address this and need direct focus on this situation or we will continue to struggle. You all want football..... go get corporate sponsors and then the BOV may listen. Until then..... we need millions and millions of dollars from companies to help with sports and facility upgrades.
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