OT: The A10 is Expected to Add Men's Lacrosse

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Yes. They also feed the T&F team, if I’m not mistaken. Also, isn’t Old Man’s daughter a runner with Cross Country?

As for wrestling, so long as their alum keep pumping 50k+ every year into the program to keep it afloat I’ve got no issues with keeping them around. I know the team hasn’t been strong, but I think we usually have a few who are top 25 in their class and make the national championships every year.
Why yes, she is on Mason's cross country team, and she runs indoor and outdoor track for GMU, too. Three sport/season athlete and I don't get a dime, and neither does she. (I'm not bitter as we knew this when she came to Mason, but a little nugget or two for her graduate season coming up next year would be nice.)

As for the teams, Mason women's team won the 2019 A10 Championship for outdoor track and field. The men's and women's teams are generally competitive in conference, but like someone mentioned about wrestling, though it's a 'team' sport, it's also very individualized when it comes to events. So success or failure really comes down to how many individuals qualify for the NCAAs, and Mason usually has two or three each year.


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"Currently four A-10 institutions sponsor men's lacrosse as a varsity sport, and will participate in the inaugural A-10 season: Massachusetts, Richmond, St. Bonaventure and Saint Joseph's.

The Atlantic 10 has also accepted men's lacrosse affiliate member applications from High Point University and Hobart College, bringing the number of conference teams to six, the minimum number the NCAA requires of a league for postseason eligibility. In the last 10 years, the six men's lacrosse programs have combined to make 10 NCAA Tournament appearances."

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