OT: George Mason Wrestling Hall of Fame


Hall of Famer

"The 2023 inductees include a distinguished lineup of inductees comprising All-Americans, state and National Wrestling Hall of Fame members, wrestling legends, veterans, and distinguished coaches. This first Hall of Fame class represents people that have enjoyed success at all levels of their career. In addition, they have positively impacted both society and industry. These inductees have made a significant and lasting mark on George Mason University Wrestling."

"The inaugural induction class:
The undefeated 1974 team
Johnny Curtis '93
Matt Finacchio '95
Bryan Hazard '96
Scott Kirsch '91
Paul Matlagliati '83
Sean Shea '01
Dan Wotring '81
Head Coach Mike Moyer, 1985-1995
Head Coach Roger Rinker, 1974-1981"

Any chance that Coach Tony Skinn will help establish a hall of fame for Mason men's basketball?
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Ah yes the mason sports hall of fame

I think we’ve hit all the off-season dead horse topics right?


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I wonder if any GMU wrestlers have ended up in the ranks of the WWE, GLOW, ect?
Was there with Sean Shea, he was a great wrestler.

Old WWE wrestler Orlando Jordan (went to my high school) used to train a couple of the Mason wrestlers back in the early 2000s down in Florida in the offseason.

Orlando was trained by the Rock's dad and sometimes he would come to their workouts.