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OT- beer talk


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Ah cool. I liked Four Peaks but living in Chandler I tended to just go to San Tan (which is tasty). I've been a while since I've been in Phoenix but I do want to check out Wilderness next time I'm in town.

We are lucky in Oregon to be surrounded by great breweries.

That’s where said cousin lives actually. He also invented some led hoola hoops and turned that into a massive business going around to all the CDM festivals.


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Live in RTP. I've killed many brain cells on Burial. They're making some of the best IPAs in the state without a doubt.

For those who haven't visited, Sierra Nevada's brewery out in Mill River is amazing. They didn't spare a single expense building that thing.
Being in RTP, have you done the Raleigh Beer Trail?


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On the Fairfax beer front, I decided to go give Ornery another try yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t a huge fan of anything they brought to the gold room in 2019, but their taproom had a solid selection and I enjoyed most of their beers. Good selection across the spectrum, nice patio area right by the fountain. They are in the process of moving from the old green turtle to the spot on the corner on the bottom level so some food selection is a bit limited, but the beers I had were pretty spot on. Good 6 beer flight to get your taste dialed in.


Being in RTP, have you done the Raleigh Beer Trail?

I haven't been to all of the breweries, but I've definitely had beer from 95% of them.

Brewery Bhavana, Lynnwood, Raleigh Brewing, Trophy are probably the best on that list. I'm partial to IPAs and imperial stouts, so YMMV.

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I've been wanting to make a trip down to the Biltmore/Ashville breweries. Wife & I recently went to Montana which ranks 3rd among the states for craft breweries per capita and close to the where nearly all the US hops come from (CA, ID, & OR). Pretty universally the breweries out there will add an enzyme to the finished product that eats the gluten in the beer. No impact on the taste that I could tell and not sure why more breweries don't do this also.


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Well, I'll go there from work, so I'll say 5pm or so. I have to head out by 8, so a bit earlier than last time works for me.

All we ask is that you keep yourself under control - It took all Brian and I had to keep you from getting into fights Old Man. ;)


When it comes to summer beers, I've become partial to Lost Rhino's Rhino Chasers Pilsner. Very light, a little hoppy taste to it... it's just very refreshing on a hot day. So needless to say I drank several this past weekend while roasting in the 90-degree heat.


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Is this you?


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