News Mason Drops A10 Opener to vcu, 71-57


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"Mason Drops A10 Opener to vcu, 71-57" by Chris Metsala

Steven Goff’s solid recap from the Post: RICHMOND – Motorists passing through this capital city on I-95 are greeted by a can’t-miss billboard featuring Virginia Commonwealth’s Treveon Graham clawing the ball alongside an unambiguous message: “Havoc Lives Here!” For a half Thursday night, George Mason handled the Rams’ lethal brew of presses, traps and general mayhem. Ultimately, […]

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Quentin Daniels

Hall of Famer
Sure vcu's basketball team scored more points, but which team got to get on a bus this morning and leave Richmond and which team had to stay there amongst the crack whores, thieves, art students, rapists, and other societal degenerates?

Think about that a bit and then tell me whothe real winner here is.


Yep, you're right. G Mas is better in most everything, but in basketball, they are vcu's bitch. Hopefully, that will change one day soon.