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I would do a poll and ask what people are willing to pay, I remember when the school ran the flash store last time a lot of people on here scoffed at a $60 hoodie or quarter-zip, just a thought
dr. gunnie

dr. gunnie

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In my communication with everyone this morning I was just thrown a major curveball... they will only allow us to pick one screen print design and one embroidery design.

Meaning, say we went with the design below:


They would allow us to do short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts... whatever, but that would be the only design we would be able to do.

Same goes with the embroidery. If people wanted the black 1/4 zip that KE has worn with star only logo, they can offer others like they grey 1/4 zip as well, but they would only allow that same star logo.

Having said that, it would probably be wise to pick a screen print design that has the logo on it. Reason being - I like the backboard design above, but from a trademark standpoint, our design would just say PATRIOTS instead of YELLOW JACKETS. That is something I could probably get done myself from a different source because there are a ton of PATRIOTS teams out there and we wouldn't be breaking any license rules by just having PATRIOTS without the GEORGE MASON or the logo.

Embroidery is probably a little less of an issue because you either go with just the white star logo, or the full logo (either color or one color).

I'm pretty frustrated at this point, but we are going to have to come to some sort of agreement if we move forward on which design to go with. I know some people already ordered the "Dinwiddie" design a moth or so ago, so if we pick that, all those people are out of luck.

From a more selfish standpoint, a lot of this stuff I already have or can make myself with my setup. Originally my intention was to get more things offered from our bookstore and inquire about jerseys. This is now crossing over to a single fan order item. Not really what I had in mind, but willing to keep going with it if there is interest.

Just would like to get your thoughts on everything. Which design (screen print and embroidery) would people want?


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I want one black and one grey1/4 zip star logo on one "dinwidde" black hoodie


Appreciate your efforts Gunnie.

I'm interested and flexible on the screen print and embroidery.

The Crewneck Sweatshirt black or grey and the Dinwiddie.


I’m less of a 1/4 zip guy but love my light weight jackets. I’m on board for probably whatever we end up with if it’s similar to the pullover KE wears.

Thanks for grinding and talking to the adidas rep, it’s sad the hoops that have to be jumped through to get swag.


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Black 1/4 zip for sure. Would like a jersey or a tank but realize that's probably stretching it.
dr. gunnie

dr. gunnie

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Now that we have designs voted on, I’ll get with the adidas people regarding items.

On a side note, I went through my closet and have some stuff that I have outgrown (I blame Covid). If anyone is interested, let me know. The 2 hoodies are large, vest is medium, polo is medium, top left 1/4 zip with the grey is medium, bottom white 1/4 zip is large. These are not items I made - all professionally done. DM me if interested.

*White zip up hoodie is gone

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dr. gunnie

dr. gunnie

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Tuesday January 11th - sent the company the logo selections (which they already have on file so it’s not like they had to create the art) and the recommendations of items.

Friday January 14th - sent a follow up email checking in because I hadn’t heard anything, received a reply that they were working on getting the site up, but it’s not a quick process and they’ll have it up as soon as they can.

Friday January 21st - no update, no site… crickets.

For comparison, the company I use for my team stores (who is an adidas dealer) normally takes two days to have the store up and running. When we went to the state finals a few years ago, we won our semifinals game on a Saturday, the store was up and running Monday morning, orders were completed by Wednesday and the gear was delivered by Friday. This was with a national dealer, not a local mom and pop shop. My point is, there is no reason this should ever… ever take this long.

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