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Hate ....


I hate that someone contemplated, even put the words into the computer, to consider Ernie Nestor as an assistant coach hire on another thread.
I hate that I completely agree. With the exception of the first year, the Nestor years were even more painful than the Westhead or Hewitt years.


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I hate that someone contemplated, even put the words into the computer, to consider Ernie Nestor as an assistant coach hire on another thread.
I hate that someone is implying that we are hiring a coach that might not be ready for the job. And I really hate that the fix is to hire a washed up, loser as his mentor.

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I hate the NCAA for many reasons, but hate what they do with the actual courts for the tournament. One of the charming aspects of the early rounds (or any round prior to the FF) was seeing the different courts of the host schools or arenas.
When we hosted in '93 (or was it '94?) at US Air Arena, we shipped the Pat Dome's court to Landover for the marketing exposure. Back then we had the state of VA painted at midcourt.

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I hate when the media goes back to an introductory press conference and says, "see, he said they were going to win a title!". Congrats to Baylor and Scott Drew. What he did may be the best rebuild in the history of college hoops. They were a true dumpster fire when he took over. But doesnt every coach say they are going to win when they get introduced?!?!?!


I hate that it took DP's firing to bring out so many posters both old and new. I hope that people stick around.
Not to speak for other former Masonhoops/CAAZone posters that have only recently come back into the fold, but there is only so much mediocrity one can take before you just need to step away for a while for your own sanity. And in the spirit of this thread, I'll make my point relevant by (probably echo'ing) something already in the previous 70 pages... but I hate Tom O'Connor for not doing his job roughly a decade ago and doing what was necessary to keep Mason basketball relevant on a national scale. I hate him for ushering Coach L out the door by not giving the latter what he and his assistants deserved, and I hate him for starting the process of hiring complete duds that set this program back decades.
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I hate computer crashes. I hate that even though I have been fortunate in many ways, I sometimes feel like if it wasn't for bad luck, I might not have any luck at all: I decided to take off my first couple days in almost two years at the end of last week to spend some time with my uncle whose wife (my aunt, duh) passed away recently. To get a head start, I drove out Tuesday evening so I could work remote on Wednesday and get an early start on my long weekend Wednesday evening through the weekend. As I foreshadowed, my computer crashes on Wednesday morning at about 9 AM, throwing my whole day into chaos. If I had been at home, I would have had plenty of backup computer options, but, no, it happens when I am on the road with only my primary laptop and no decent computer stores in the vicinity. So, I spent the bulk of my time off hunting down a computer and restoring from backup and getting it setup so I could hit the ground running again this week.

I just got caught back up today and just caught up on everything that has happened here the last week. Again, what a week to be out of the loop on Mason hoops news.



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I hate that I moved 4,000 miles away a mere 2 seasons before Mason started taking basketball seriously for the first time in a decade.

I hate this too, and that I am in the same boat. I also hate that I have no idea when I am getting to a game.

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