Game 16: GMU (8-7 / 1-1) vs St. Joe’s (8-9 / 2-4) on Monday, January 24, at 7PM. RESCHEDULED


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Tickets to Monday and Wednesday are claimed. Anyone who wants any February games also DM me.

Son has had a couple of his high school games rescheduled so I won't be back taking pics at Mason until 2/2
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Stop Jordan Hall and force him to play “me ball” and limit Funk and this should be a 10 point game.

DPs other failed top recruit Reynolds is a very good piece that I wish CKE would have had. Would be our 6th man for sure and not look lost like our bench does

Man, just wish one of Blake, Polite, or Otis could take that 6th man role and run with it. I’m not asking for much, like a solid 5-7 ppg.


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CKE's tweet to get students to come to the St Joe's game

Kim English

PSA to all @GeorgeMasonU students:

If you show up Monday night, take a video of yourself in the student section (ON YOUR FEET, LOUD AND GOING CRAZY).

If it leads to THREE STRAIGHT STOPS, I’ll personally deliver you a pizza to your room. Tag @MasonMBB in the post. #RockWithUs
PSA. I get one of those yearly.


Neither kenpom or vegasinsider has the Monday St. Joe's game listed on their sites.
Kenpom now lists Mason as a 6 pt favorite over St. Joe's.

Similarly, ESPN has us favored by 6/6.5

However, remember the number that St. Joe's did at Richmond just 3 weeks ago...buried them by 27!

Petey Buckets

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I've got two pretty good seats available for tonight - DM if you're interested.

Section 101 Row CC Seats 5 + 6

Three rows behind media row. You can hear KE yell stuff. The refs will hear you call them a cotton-headed ninny muggins. Good times all around.

Could also maybe exchange Gold Room passes depending on convenience. Want to sell quick so hurry!


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I have 2 seats available for tonight, Section 118 Row A. Free to any Mason fan. Message me your email.


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Well I can say that the St. Joe's fans don't travel as well as the Dayton fans


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Or has 5 points? Oduro has been the one tonight kind of taking the rhythm away so far.
Is points the only thing we go off. He came in and immediately forced Schwartz to commit a shot clock violation. Has played well since. Oduro is clearly forcing it but isn’t that what the boards have been calling for?


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Post was after his first turnover. He has since scored 5 and drawn a charge grampie
Point is you are quick to hate on him. Proves you are shortsighted and really don't know shit. Don't know why you visit these boards either. Maybe start a GMU Texas bball site so you and your one friend can play on.


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