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I didn't play baseball at Mason... only from tee-ball through high school/American Legion. So I can't speak from experience like you can. But nonetheless, I'm with you on this. If teams are crap at protecting their signs, then you'd be an idiot to not use that to your advantage. I never had technology at my disposal, but I'd be lying if I said we didn't prey on third base coaches who only gave like 4 or 5 signs at a time and didn't mix them up well enough to hide their indicator. I was a catcher and I still remember a game in which I threw out every single person who attempted to steal because their manager couldn't have made their indicator more obvious. We knew everything they were supposed to do when it was called - be it a steal, bunt, hit and run... whatever. And to make matters worse, the idiot never wised up and thought to change his indicator mid-game.

So yeah... maybe it's an old-school mentality, but sign stealing like this is just part of the game. I draw the line at installing cameras beyond the center field wall though.
Agreed. Sign stealing is a time honored practice. Just no technology allowed. It's a matter of being smarter than your opponent.


I am enjoying the women's game. I haven't really watched much softball before but I appreciate the speed and pace of the game. Fast moving and only 7 innings. I will have to watch more of it in the future.

Cool seeing the CAA making such a deep run.
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