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Another Impediment to Local Rivalries?


Sixth Man
I am a partial STH of Goergetown Basketball;
I saw this on their board, in response to the question of why GU doesnt play GMU
I dont know for a fact whether or not the statement is true
But it is something that I never thought of and could be a factor

if correct does the solution require changing the management contracts?

What are your thoughts?

1) My guess is that it comes down to risk/reward. Georgetown has too much to lose were they to lose to George Mason and not enough upside were they to win. Mason is the type of program that can give the Hoyas problems and if they were to lose to such a team, they better not be local.

2) My guess is that it comes down to the contract.

Monumental Sports contracts with Georgetown for a minimum number of games per year as part of its contract, with 18 home games in 2019-20. A 20 game Big East season fills 10 of those home games, leaving GU to commit to eight home games in the remaining 11 games allowed in the regular season.

--Georgetown has one MTE (multi-team event or pre-season tournament), which counts as a single game against the 31 game regular season;
--Georgetown has a contractual road game for either the Big Ten or Big 12 series; and
--Georgetown has a contractual road game for South Carolina which will be returned in 2022-23 when GU goes on the road at Syracuse.

Because of this, it suggests Georgetown must play all its remaining games at Capital One Arena. That's fine for AU and Howard, but George Mason may also have to play a minimum number of games at EagleBank Arena per its management agreement, because Monumental Sports manages GMU's contract with EagleBank Arena. GMU has an MTE in Sioux Falls, SD, road games at Maryland and Georgia, and a contracted home and home with James Madison--all its other games are at home, including the likes of Navy, American and Coppin State.

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