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A10 Stats

Quentin Daniels

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After four games Mason is currently

2nd in the A10 for scoring at 80.5 PPG
4th in Defense at 59.3 PPG.
2nd in FG percentage at 51.3%
2nd 3-PT FG percentage
2nd in FT percentage (tie w/GW)
2nd in rebounding at 40.3
1st in rebounding defense 29
10th in turnovers

Oduro is 3rd in scoring, Schwartz is 4th, and Cooper is 15th
Gaines is 8th in rebounding
Oduro is 4th in FG% (FG/3FG/FT)
Gaines is 6th in 3-Pt FG % and Schwartz is 12th (Gaines jumps to 1st for 10+ attempts & Schwartz jumps to 2nd for 20+attempts)
XJ is 4th in Assists & 8th in Assists/TO ratio
Oduro is 7th in blocked shots
XJ is 7th in Steals
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The A10 is now a pretty paltry 47-39 overall as of 11/26.

Currently the 9th rated conference overall with 6 teams in the top 100, including 3 in the top 50 (this is NET not Kenpom rating). Still a little early (given that VCU is 3-4 and still has an NET of 34 right now).

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