8-1 Starts Here

Leesburg Chankenstank III

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9-0 starts here
So f**k the world and have no fear
The time is now, f**k next year

We all know the tales of past wins and glory
Just keep your a** in the gym while they're busy Finding Dory
From here on out, you write your own story

I want to hear Bill Rohland shout with glee:

"Billups with the steal!", "Hall to the rim!", Maddox for three!"
"Kelly with the block!" "What a move by Okojie!"

So come out tonight with unabashed swagger
Make us fans lose our voices and test the limits of our bladders
Make us not want to miss a thing as recruits start to chatter
And the haters and doubters, like roaches start to scatter

If you're not all in and riding the fence
Take your bitch a** to the College of Providence




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Prediction: we go 3-5 to end the season and finish 8-10.

I think we will lose to Dayton, Duquesne, Richmond, Loyola and either GW at home or URI on the road.


Prediction: we go 3-5 to end the season and finish 8-10.
This certainly isn't what I want, but it's where I'm at as well. Even this would be a slight improvement over the pace we've been playing at over the last month.

The only thing we've been consistent at is finding one or more ways to shoot ourselves in the foot most games....turnovers, poor defense, rebounding, etc. I see that continuing to lead us to an up and down finish.


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Actually 3-5 would get you 7-11.

Yes I did realize that after posting but figured we might wind up winning one of the games I said we would lose and wind up 8-10 so decided to keep it that way. We could also lose every game on our schedule from here on out (seriously when you consider Duquesne and Fordham play bully ball and everyone else is better than us —Dayton, Richmond—or can shoot lights out from 3–Davidson, Loyola, GW, URI).