2023 A10 tournament - Game 33: #5 GMU vs #4 St. Louis.


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Date: Thursday, March 9, 2023
Time: 2:00 PM
Coverage: USA

We lost 63-62 to the Billikens on January 11 in St. Louis. We were led by Josh Oduro (26 pts & 15 reb), Ronald Polite (12 pts), and Victor Bailey (11 pts). We shot 44.9% from the floor, 31.6% from 3, and 52.2% from the charity stripe. We only had 5 fast break points to 14 for St. Louis. Turnovers (17 - Cooper & Polite 4 each) and points left at the free show line (9) also contributed to the the loss. We won the rebounding battle 30-25.

They were paced by Gibson Jimerson (16 pts), Javonte Perkins (10 pts), and Terrance Hargrove Jr. (10 pts). Yuri Collins had 9 points and 12 assists. They shot 42.6% overall, 38.9% from 3, and 66.7% from the free throw line.

Box Score:https://gomason.com/sports/mens-basketball/stats/2022-23/saint-louis/boxscore/11941

My prediction: We’ve shown we can play with these guys. Our last two losses to them are by a combined 3 points. It’s time to step up and win on the big stage. We need to do the little things on every possession, like limit turnovers. GMU 69 - St. Louis 68. Bring on vcu.

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GMU is going to give them Trouble. That's Trouble with a capital "T" And that rhymes with "P" and that stands for pool!

Not even Judy Garland with her trolley will able to save them.
WOW! Two Broadway/Hollywood musical references in one message board post!! I guess there are enough old codgers online like me, that you don't have to explain who Judy Garland was! Likely wouldn't help if you said she was Liza Minelli's mother!
Our free throw shooting has improved over our run and that's the only reason we lost the last game. Add to that our defense is 10x better and we have a healthy team with 4 guys that can shoot three's and I really like our chances in this game.

Team nobody wants to play - 65
Team with a stupid mascot - 60


A man from Northern Virginia walks into a bar and asks, "Wanna hear a joke about people from St. Louis?"
The bartender says, "Listen, pal, I'm from St. Louis, and I won't appreciate it. The man sitting next to you is 265 pounds, and he's from St. Louis, too. And the bouncer, that huge guy there, is also from St. Louis. So do you still want to tell that joke?"

"No," says the guy. "Not if I have to explain it three times."


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We know what we need to do today, stalk Collins, make him work to get the ball around and cut off his paint penetration. Guard their shooters like white on rice.

We have not been so good against St Louis in general but we showed we could keep up with them and really should have won the game in St Louis.

Its a big one today, for all of us. Lets. f**king.go.