2023 A10 Tournament. Game 32 - #5 GMU vs Winner of #12 Richmond and #13 UMass Game.

Toughness down the stretch seems to be our M-O now. And because it is, I have to give credit to KE for spending the season benching guys the minute they F'd up. During the first half of the season, I felt that this was an idiotic way to teach, and I figured it would make them all so gun shy they'd never become aggressive enough to win in the A-10. Obviously, I was wrong as the defensive play now is as tough as any team in the conference. If we can just get one of the shooters hot each game, I like our chances.


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Such an ugly win but I'll take it. St Louis will kill us if we play that way tomorrow.

88.9% FT was a pleasant game changer
It was ugly bit given their performance last night and the fact we have beaten them three in a row - that was a good ugly win. Period. We nailed it in the end and we left them crying on the floor as we wiped ourselves off on the curtains.

Tomorrows game is going to be interesting.


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As I always say, it doesn't have to be pretty, it doesn't have to be perfect. Today was neither. There is nothing like college basketball in March in person, and especially when Mason is involved.

When it got down to crunch time, we got stops, made our free throws and stepped the f**k up.

Our threes didn't fall in the first half, but fortunately they started falling in the second. Also, 16 of 18 from the free throw line is going to win you a lot of games that are close.

It wasn't the best game from Ronny by far, 5/15 from the field 3 turnovers, but he buckled down to hit the really important free throws when it mattered to finish with 16 points. Also Josh Oduro with 16/10 and also 6/6 from the line.

Quinn had his way in the beginning going one on one in the post. Eventually we adjusted and pushed him out to lower percentage shots and that became less of their game plan. For a while, Burton was taking over and it seemed like he kept getting and 1s. But once again when it mattered we got stops and shut the door appropriately.

Big one for the program again tomorrow as Mason is 0-4 in previous quarterfinal games. The last one was against Davidson (the last one Paulsen coached) and we got completely blown out. We really need this one tomorrow.

As a side note, Richmond had their pregame party next to us at Buffalo Wild Wings and only one lady showed up who looked like she was 85. Otherwise a great day.


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Too funny, I was at the club watching, looked up and saw Jones taking the three. I swear I yelled NOOOOooo… then it dropped…all was well.
I reserve that for when Saquan attempts a three (or even a two!). Keep swinging for the fences Saquan. (y)

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So would I! It's much easier on the nerves to win like that than having to sweat it out for 2 hrs.
Yikes, slug-it-out defensive efforts like yesterday's UR game grind me into a paste. However, the slow pace of that game will be beneficial for today vs. St. Louis. Mason will likely not suffer much of a fatigue factor. Let's put on our big-boy sneakers and take it from St. Lou—Mason is due a win at the Bil's expense.