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2022 Recruiting

By George.

Our guy Houck is absolutely crushing recruiting coverage

Your support on social media actually goes a long way with players, recruits enjoy the traction. We are putting out the content to help with recruiting. It’s a coordinated effort. Please like, comment and interact with the @GMURecruiting account. Kids absolutely look at social media and content, and when we are up against rival pages and better produced content by universities…we understand our work has to be sharp. Winning drives traction, but recruiting well will lead to winning.


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word of advice for this one Jimbo... don't get too attached... the Blue Blood offers are coming soon and I know how you fall hard for these kids

Learned my lesson the hard way … I’ll be pleasantly shocked if he does choose Mason but certainly not expecting it.


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Yeah not banking on it, but if somehow Fernandez picks Mason, that would be pretty freakin' good.

Agreed - get yourself in a mind-set that it won't happen - but if it does your free to throw-down so hard you wake up naked in someone's flower bed with no recollection of how you got there.

Pacing yourself is the art to a happy life.


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Can you please pass along the name of the LSD guy you buy from?

No LSD copious amounts of beer and Vodka in short span of time. Of course that was in my early 20's in the fraternity.

Haven't returned to the level of drinking like a viking at 2AM in decades.

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