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2021-22 Schedule Thread


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We'll be in a good one location-wise

Not doubting that man, but I honestly just posted what was publicly available. Obviously scheduling is fluid and can change. This is where I pulled the information from as it mentioned "likely" teams.



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Bonaventure is absolutely loaded and has the potential to be a sweet 16 team this year. I'm sure teams like UNI are calling to try to get a home and home because there is some very good potential and benefit.
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I've had many opportunities to "upgrade" my seats over the years, but I wouldn't change my location in 117 for anything:
  • I'm three rows down from the portal entrance (easy bathroom access during timeouts after too many beers)
  • the first of my four seats (where I sit) is on the aisle
  • Mason shoots on my side of mid-court in the second half and the bench is across from me
  • I can almost always tell from my angle whether a shot from either team is on target right when it leaves a shooter's hands
  • I have a great view of being able to watch and listen to the Green Machine

Speaking of seats, Kim English doing a virtual tour of the best seats in the house:

View: https://twitter.com/Englishscope24/status/1400107482316525568

View: https://twitter.com/Englishscope24/status/1400104241679765507

View: https://twitter.com/Englishscope24/status/1400105352557993985


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Barring a miracle, he will be out next season. Didn't mean to hit the like button above. I hate VCU but don't wish an injury on anyone.
Yeah ruptured Achilles is the stuff that ends careers. He’ll be out next season, and I’ll be surprised if he’s ever fully the same player coming back.

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