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Welcome Josh Oduro


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If I had confidence that this young core was going to stay at Mason and keep progressing like our teams used to, I’d be leaning toward extending Dave maybe for 2 years and giving it a chance to really see what we’ve got.

Perhaps, the "young core" will stay and progress under Coach Paulsen. Perhaps, Mason will win the A10 tourney this season. Either is certainly possible.

What I find so interesting is how the expectations have changed. When Paulsen was hired, he talked about hanging banners and Mason becoming a perennial top 25 program. AD Edwards said that he fully expected Paulsen to be successful here and leave for a power conference job.

Now, Paulsen talks about being more consistent. And, Edwards rarely tweet or re-tweet about the program.


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Is Paulsen trying the old Jordan Miller trick? Hiding guys that are good till end of season to catch teams off guard??

Desperate men do crazy things. Just ask Jollay.


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Played like player of the weak first half and player of the week 2nd half. Put it all together and we have something special.


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Played like player of the weak first half and player of the week 2nd half. Put it all together and we have something special.
I was telling someone earlier if we could combine Oduros offense with AJs defense we’d have the best big in the league. It’s getting there, this off-season development is gonna be key for him if he can turn the corner or not.


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Otis senior season, Calixte (who didn’t see a minute tonight I think), XJ, the list goes on.

This seems more fatigue from trying to fit a square peg in round hole. Too many players suffering same result.


Glad Josh is staying, was really impressed with his progression last year. He has the most polish of any big man we've had at mason in awhile now....Hoping Kim works with him on defense and rebounding position it will really help him take his game to the next level.

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