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Welcome Cam Walker

welcome Cam! this looks like a Dennis Felton recruit for sure...I wouldn't be surprised if Cam is the only kid from Georgia we are going after, remember we had Randal Godfrey and Kendall Campbell on campus this summer as well...

In addition, everyone is mentioned Cooper/Hartwell moving on after this year (most likely both will/can occur), but I wouldn't count on that just yet, although both could potentially stay if we have a good season this year.

Remember Ronnie Polite, Mike Gray, Xavier Johnson, Otis Frazier III, and TJ Gadsden will need to compete for playing time this year behind Cooper/Hartwell/Gaines/Schwartz, I highly doubt all 5 of these players will be on the roster next year especially since we landed commitments from Dinkins and Walker and we are aggressively pursuing Fernandez and Chas Kelly. Should be interesting to see how this roster shapes up in future years.
Quentin Daniels

Quentin Daniels

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Cooper is a fifth-year guy. I’d be surprised if he stayed in college for a sixth year instead of going to get paid, but stranger things have happened.

Maybe. But if that's the goal, why not have left already? The added exposure of playing at Mason? I guess that's possible after a weird COVID year, but he's already graduated, so degree is in hand.

I guess my thinking, which admittedly comes from a middle aged softish in the middle guy & not elite athlete in prime, is why not take the extra year and finish your Masters for a post-playing career, if that's even the goal. Wouldn't be a shocker to see him turn down a 6th year, but we've not even played game 1 yet, so just a bit early for me to write it off as "obviously" not coming back.

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