I'd like to personally thank everyone that participated in our first donor drive in years! We raised over double the amount that we set as a goal. You guys are awesome! This money helps to fuel much needed upgrades around here - and also includes monthly server costs and software licenses. We are excited for the future and your donations ensure that there will be a place to talk about George Mason basketball (among other things) for seasons to come! - The Management

Roadmap for future upgrade


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At long last, I have plotted a way forward for upgrade of the boards.

1. Upgrade of current boards from Xenforo 1.x to 2.x
  • This upgrade will disable the current look/feel of the boards temporarily, as the skin or theme we currently use will not work once we have upgraded to 2.x
  • I will make a quick attempt to rebrand the site to reassure users of where they are
2. Import of current boards data to new boards
  • This will happen in two phases. First, a test import, to make sure data maps correctly to the new site. Then second, a final import of the data to the new site.
  • Lastly, the masonhoops.com domain will be pointed to the new site.
3. Customization of the new site
  • Install of new theme and graphics
  • Install of ad banners (sorry)
  • Install of needed add-ons, such as Tapatalk.
These changes will happen over this summer (2020). I will notify everyone before they occur, but I am hoping to get started soon.

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